10 Ways to Convert Text to Speech Easily in 2021

10 Ways to Convert Text to Speech Easily in 2021

With the ever-growing dependence on the internet, screen time is also rapidly increasing. During the COVID 19 pandemic, screen time shot to an all-time high putting a strain on our eyes. The new normal can become the next evolutionary change in the working or educational pattern.

So, here we present to you five best ways to convert text to speech or speech to text. Transcription Softwares are also on the rise in the post-pandemic world. This transcription software reviewed by ChunchyTicks will prove beneficial if you are ever in need of a transcription software on your Mac Device. 

So, here we can use either software or online services to convert text to speech. So, here we can use either software or online services to converter texto em voz natural.

10 easy ways to convert text to speech using software :


It uses already available voices on your laptop. It also provides you with the option of downloading the audio file converted from text to speech. It supports different file formats, and you can extract text from those documents and convert it into speech.


It can be used on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. An advantage of this particular software is that its services are available in other languages like English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, etc.

Natural Reader

This software supports various types of text documents like PDF, MS Word, emails, and others. It can be used on operating systems like Mac and Windows.


It provides you with the facility of downloading the converted text in mp3 format. It is a very user-friendly software and easy to use. It facilitates easy conversion with system-wide hotkeys. It supports the Windows operating system.


It is embedded with high-quality natural voices. There is also an option of adjusting the speed at which the text is read. It has a wide variety of voices from which you can choose an agent that suits your accent.


You can simply copy the text required and paste it on this site, and it starts reading out for you. You can choose different voices available. Even Indian voices like Female Hindi are also available.

From text to speech

It provides voices from different accents like German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc. You can also download the audio file. It has various levels of speed at which the text is read.


You can listen to copy-pasted text in both female and male voices.

It also offers services in different languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, etc. It has three different speeds at which the text is read. You can also download the converted text in different audio formats like mp3, Wav, Ogg, and many others.


Different voices like kids’ voices, adults’ voices, and offbeat voices are available. Different accents like Chinese, German, Spanish, and many others are available. Another special feature of this website is that it offers special effects in reading like speed, duration, echo, phase, whisper, etc.


Eight different speeds are available. Additional accents of various countries are also available. You can also insert 1 second of silence in between the lines. It provides a facility to upload the text directly to the cloud. Audio files can be extracted into different audio formats as well.


You can get into any of those sites mentioned above through the links provided and easily convert text to speech free of cost.

You can download software from the list mentioned above through the links provided.
You are good to go.

Some people wish to avoid all the processes of downloading software and learning how to use it. There are many online websites for that kind of person where you can convert text to speech very easily. And then, here are some softwares you can use for transcription if needed. There you can simply paste a text that you have copied from a document or any webpage for that matter.

With ever-growing works and duties in our daily life, multi-tasking must and should. This kind of text-to-speech converter makes your life easy and increases productivity by playing an integral part in multi-tasking.

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