How To Get Your Article On Nairaland Front Page And Hit Thousands Of Views

How To Get Your Article On Nairaland Front Page And Hit Thousands Of Views
Nairaland.com is one of the biggest internet forums in the world, and one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.
According to Alexa.com rankings, NL is the 10th most visited site in Nigeria and the 1224th most visited in the world.
It is turning in hundreds of thousands of visitors on a daily basis, and you can see from the stats.
However, this isn't what I'm here to talk about. How can one get their own article on the front page of this amazing website to get thousands of readers too?

What's the essence of writing when people don't read? 
I'm not here to teach you something I don't know, basically so many of my articles have hit front page and you can see some:
Isabella Idibia: Annie And 2face Idibia's First Daughter Is So Grown! (Photos) [51,200+ views]
Sister: "Jennifer Agomuo Didn't Commit Suicide, Her Boyfriend Killed Her" [43,900+ views]
• ‘I Have Suffered’- President Buhari [28,400+  views]
• Sister Of Lady Who Accused Kiss Daniel Of Impregnating: "Her Account Was Hacked" [16,700+ views]
• Runtown's Mad Over You Hits 60 Million Views [11,500+ views]
9 Nigerian Celebrities Who Stylishly Rocked The Trending Tracksuit Pants [50,300+ views]
• Davido To Retire From Music At Age 30 [39,000+ views]
Nigerian Asked To Prepay For His Meal In Canada To Be Paid $10,000 By Restaurant [37,500+ views]
• BBNaija: Ebuka Reveals How Housemates Were Picked [38,100+ views]
• Collins, Nina's Boyfriend: "Miracle Will Dump You Soon. Come Pack Your Things" [23,600+ views]

I just had to drop 10 examples, there are so many more. I am not an admin on the site, it was founded by Seun Osewa and he has around 5 or so admins, I don't really know.
I just read a Facebook article back in 2017, and the writer told me some of the things I'm about to tell you now concerning hitting front page and they worked for me.

What Will You Gain From Your Article(s) Hitting Nairaland Front Page?

There are so many things you will stand to benefit from your article hitting front page, and we'd see them below:

• More Exposure:

Why setting for 600 views on your article when you can get 30,000? Without hitting Nairaland front page, some of my articles get 1,500 views and lower.
How To Get Your Article On Nairaland Front Page And Hit Thousands Of Views
Once they get to the home page, the traffic increases by 1000%.
I think all writers need the free exposure Nairaland gives to us!

• You'll Get Traffic Back To Your Website

If you read articles on Nairaland, you'd normally see a link back to the source.
How To Get Your Article On Nairaland Front Page And Hit Thousands Of Views
The owners put them there because people actually click to go and see more. There are reports that top blogger, Linda Ikeji actually set her career on fire from Nairaland.
Other bloggers like AutoJosh and Miss Techy get good traffic from the site, that is just why they keep coming back.

• Your Article Will Get Reposted On So Many Other Places

I didn't know this was true until I hit home page once. People were reposting my site giving me do-follow links, and it was automated to so many other Twitter handles and Nairaland clone websites.
There's no limit to how many times we want our stuff to be read, and you can actually become a celebrity from any of these websites just from one viral article.

What You Don't Know...
Nairaland is a site than depends on user generated content, and they are constantly looking for articles. The thousands of daily users actually always want to read, and they are depending on you and I to satisfy them.
This is a kind of win-win! You give me articles, I give you exposure and life goes on. They will be willing to carry your articles to the homepage if it is okay, and it all depends on you.

They will not carry some stuff you write to obviously drive users to your own website.
How To Get Your Article On Nairaland Front Page And Hit Thousands Of Views
Articles that are meant to advertise products and services of course would never hit the front page. You can chose to advertise on the site instead.
I personally have advertised a good number of times, and with the good graphics designs coupled with a good landing page and the correct section, I get good conversions.
How To Get Your Article On Nairaland Front Page And Hit Thousands Of Views
Well, that's all for the intro.
Let's move on to what we're here to talk about.

How To Get Your Articles On Nairaland Front Page

In getting your articles on the Nairaland homepage, I'd says it's more of luck. However unlike other lucks, it depends on you to make yourself lucky...Lol!
These are somethings you need to do if you MUST hit the front page:

• Be the first to talk about the stuff

Did Miracle fly a new jet, or RMD reply to Davido's tweet, you just have to talk about it first before anyone else does. The mods always try their best to take one article about anything to the front page, and would turn off the comments on any article if they discover that it has gone to the front page more than once.
One way to avoid wasting your time is by using the search widget to check if anyone has written about what you want to write about.
How To Get Your Article On Nairaland Front Page And Hit Thousands Of Views
It will show you whether anyone else has written about it first, because most times admin take the first article on any news to the front page.

• Obey the rules

Rules are meant to be obeyed, so why not just do that to get what you want? They are obviously on the top of every new article.
How To Get Your Article On Nairaland Front Page And Hit Thousands Of Views

...and disobeying any of them could actually lead you to getting banned!

• Use relevant and enough texts, images and videos

As an active user of the forum, I know that the articles that hit the front page mostly actually contain necessary, relevant and enough texts, images and videos.
This is to make sure the readers do not get half baked news and information on any trends.
You just have to give the best you know, you're a 'journalist' and should not live less than that!

• Report your news professionally

I have seen people report stuff first, but miss going to front page because they weren't sounding professional.
Well, how did I know you may ask? I check the trending and see alternatives of the articles which have been on front page. A quick check on the date and time would tell which one appeared first on the site, then you see the one they didn't take filled with poor grammar and punctuation.
The admins are not bots and they know what is just good for the audience.

• Write about what people would love to read about

You are targeting Nigerian audience, so it's wiser to write about things trending in Nigeria if you want to hit the front page.
Things like BB Naija, Nigerian politics, entertainment, crime and education related stuff most times make it to the front page.

• Know when to write about something

For instance, admins normally take Christian articles to the front page on Sundays and Muslim ones on Friday.
How To Get Your Article On Nairaland Front Page And Hit Thousands Of Views
Today is Sunday and you can see what's on front page
You can't expect them to tweak things for you except maybe someone gets a credit alert...Lol!
Let's just know when to do things write.

• Mention the admins

I think this is the most important of all! Someone, whether you (the writer) or anyone else just has to let the mods know that there's something good in the building.
How can you do that? Well, when you mention someone on Nairaland, they will get a notification. 
Immediately you publish an article, mention the admins under it. 
Their names are lalasticlala, Mynd44, Dominique and Seun.

Once they get a notification and the article is worth it, in a few minutes you'd be on the front page.
Please note:
- Doing the above things doesn't guarantee that you'd hit the front page, they are humans and the decisions depend on them
- Once your article gets on the front page, you can's modify it again. I think this is done to avoid inserting unwanted and spam items (links, photos, videos) into the article thereby inconveniencing the readers.

What's more? Thanks a lot for reading along. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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