How To Make ₦150,000+ Monthly As A Writer In Nigeria

E-book: Freelancing Made Easy
Gone are the days when people wrote just for fun, as things have taken a new look all around.
You can't pay your bills with the writing, if you only do them for Facebook and Instagram likes. I normally tell my students something, you do not make money from working hard, you make it from working smart.
Now take this for an instance, you could be writing a 600 words article for $5, and then you write 10 articles a day, how much do you get? I think it's $50 minus a little PayPal charges.
Someone else would get a good website to write for, then they make $500 per 1,500 words article they write (I have a lot of such websites), and they write one a day.

At the end of the day, both people make money but the later made more money with lesser work. It isn't magic, it's called working smart.
If you must be successful as anything you are, you MUST be a very smart worker. I can't imagine having to sweat day and night for a living when my pen can actually feed me comfortably from the comfort of my bedroom.

How To Make Money Online As A Nigerian Writer

To make money online as a writer in Nigeria, you do not need a Master's degree in English Language...Lol! 
No one even cares about which certificate you've got, I've been writing since 2016 and have made thousands of dollars from that, without having to present my degree to anyone even once.
There are a lot of Nigerian blogs that pay writers, but you do not deserve the peanuts they pay. Some pay you ₦500 for an article and what should that be for? It's not even up to a full week's subscription.
To make money as a Nigerian writer, you need to:

• Be consistent

Consistency is a key. Some clients require that you write for them on and on and on, especially if you're really good.
You do not have to write today and pause tomorrow, no, the career might not favor you that much if you're inconsistent.

• You have to tweak things a bit

Some clients require that you'd come from a native English speaking country, and they do not care about having a Nigerian writer.
You can however write very well, so why not go with maybe a Canadian profile? Don't bother about payments, it's always via PayPal so you'd never get caught.

• Make sure you have a PayPal account

Most clients pay via PayPal, and would ask you to drop the job if you do not have a PayPal account. This is because they do not want to stress themselves paying via Western Union, Moneygram or other alternatives.
We can help you set up a PayPal account in 5 hours at only ₦2,000. Kindly contact us for more.

• Always deliver on time

Remember that you are working for foreigners, and most of them easily get pissed off. Don't deliver their works late.
Most of them would ask you to deliver in 24 hours and once you agree to that, stick to it. I recently lost $40 because I couldn't deliver early enough.

• Make sure your works are original and grammar correct

If you get everything else and fail this, you will suffer a great deal as a freelance writer. You can take online courses that will help you write better or even read more books.
Avoid copying, and you can always test all your articles with Grammarly Plagiarism Checker before you send it to your clients.

• Always work for more than one clients

You can stand putting all your eggs in one basket, moreover one person wouldn't bring you enough work to feed you comfortably except he has a lot of clients and offers himself.
This however is the greatest issue freelance writers seem to face. I have seen talented writers sit joblessly in front of their computers because of lack of offers, and now guess what?
I am bringing you so many writing jobs!

There are over 200 websites that pay writers very well and I have written for a good number of them. Around two of them have paid me more $100 per article and I didn't have to suffer to get it.
I have also put down around 20 Facebook groups for those who want to get writing clients from Facebook and 10 Twitter handles you need to follow for daily jobs.
Funny enough, most of these websites pay very well but no Nigerian blogger has written about them.
They are busy reporting BB Naija and World Cup updates while others are making serious money online.
E-book: Freelancing Made Easy

...and I'm presenting to you, our new e-Book, 'Freelancing Made Easy'.
Carefully packaged in this ebook are:
➤ Over 200 websites that are currently recruiting writers, many of them pay more than $50 for an article.
➤ Over 100 freelancing websites and job boards for content writers and more.
➤ About 20 niches you can choose to write on, they are all hot sellers.
➤ Over 20 Facebook groups that will help you land amazing clients, from USA, India and more all from Facebook. One of them landed me a writing job of $2,000 last month.
➤ About 10 Twitter handles that share regular writing jobs to their followers.
➤ Mistakes you MUST avoid as a freelancer, all written from personal experiences.
➤ Our personal contacts for special coaching if you need that.

How else can you access all these? I gave it free to 10 of my students, and one made his first $80 online in two days.
He was lucky to land a well-paying job from his Facebook and boom, his writing career started.
However I'm not giving it free to anyone else. I put a lot of energy into publishing it, and I actually want you to value it, so I attached a price.
For only ₦10,000 ₦4,000 you'll get access to the full course. This is just a promo and after a few days, I'd take back the price to ₦10,000.

Which one would you go for? A ₦5,000 designer tshirt or a ₦4,000 life changing eBook? The choice is yours. I strongly suggest you act fast and get it at the discount now, visit Paystack now or pay into any of our account details.
If you pay into our account, kindly contact us or call 08157449397. 
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