Staying Safe: 15 Safety Tips You Should Never Overlook

Have you ever witnessed some form of robbery, or you and or your kid ever been sick at night? Then you will have a
better of the word emergency. If you have not been in such an experience, pray you would never be.
There are many deaths that a simple safety precaution would have aided you to elude, but overlooking such , you would sorrowfully face the consequences. 
Below are some of them:

1. Whenever you are home, be sure never to leave your fuel tank empty. What is your neighbor is not around to take care of any emergencies?
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2. Make sure you know your nanny from her backgrounds, there have been cases of child traffickers disguising as nannies.
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3. Always recharge your phone before sleeping; you never know how the night will be.
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4. Make sure your car is not packed under high tension wires, especially if it is likely to rain.
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5. Phone torches have caused explosions when used to put on the generator, avoid that.
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6. Do not answer calls near the kitchen gas could cause explosions, take note!
7. If you happen to be trapped in a burning building, crawl out. Walking straight can cause you suffocation.
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8. If you get stuck by fish bones, cough and draw your ears to help you vomit them.
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9. Always apply the central lock if you are held in traffic.
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10. Never leave your wards alone with the pets at home.
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11. Never be alone in a lifter, I have seen it malfunction at the mall once.
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12. If you leave your food and drinks to go out and ease yourself or do anything else outside your home, don’t eat it again. It might have been poisoned.
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13. If you happen to hear the tap flowing at night, never come outside to put it off. You didn’t leave it on at night and robbers could use it as a tactic to drag you outside your house.
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14 If your generator happens to put off at night all by itself, leave it for some time or even till the next morning, robbers have used this tactics to gain access to people’s houses in the past.
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15. Always make sure you have a first aid kit at home, and be sure to keep the expired drugs out of it always.
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Among all, be security conscious and lock your doors and windows always. Keep emergency airtime as in this part of the world we don’t have access to the global 911 and 122 that is available in the western world.

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featured image credit: American Health Care Academy
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