Affiliate Marketing: Can I Use Clickbank In Nigeria?

This is a question asked by many people, and many will still ask it. Actually as Nigerians, we are really being deprived of
many things. Few days back I went to sign up on an affiliate website, one of the biggest in the world. To my greatest disappointment, Nigeria was the only company that was banned from joining, reason, and our past history. Our pioneers have been associated with defrauding people on the internet and unfortunately, we are suffering the repercussions of their actions.

Now imagine a whole Amazon, we cannot eve legitimately join and tap from the honey there, but from outside we know that it really paying. Among all these, the most painful is the issue of all is the issue of PayPal. This ban on using PayPal in Nigeria has really made Nigerian bloggers lose substantial amounts of money on the net. I would look at hundreds of dollars sliding away from my sight when I should have grabbed it if my country supported PayPal.

But that’s not we want to discuss today, let’s talk about how you can use Clickbank in Nigeria.

Now what is Clickbank?

 Clickbank is a kind of affiliate site, where you can sell your products or sell others and get a commission. It is a kind of affiliate marketing called Pay Per Action, and it is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Why? You do not need any minimum traffic requirements to join it and make your money. Just 50 loyal blog readers can generate 10 sales and that’s a nice stuff to your purse. Many newbie bloggers are looking for ways to make money on their blogs and they are being played on [imagine N5 per click when you can actually make $50 per sale].

I know you fell in love with Click bank after hearing this, but the sad story is that they don’t accept Nigerians, and that’s what I want to teach you, how you can join as a Nigerian.

How Can I Join Click Bank As A Nigerian?

The answers are “No” and “Yeah”! Yes, it was no before you saw this article, but now it is yeah and very easy!
Now go to the official site, Clickbank.
Make sure you have a Payoneer account, since Payoneer is an American company.

Go to sign up, and then enter your country as USA, Ghana or any other country that is accepted. You can use any online tool to find out a zip code of your chosen country, and then sign up. I suggest you use America, since you don’t need any hiding or changing of IP address, so that you can add them as the state of the bank you’d use.

Congratulations and enjoy your new job with Clickbank. Kindly use the share buttons if this post helped you to help others. Thanks for reading along.
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