Four Tips On Surviving The African Bush

Four Tips On Surviving The African Bush

Now get into the land of imaginations and picture how it would be, stranded in a thick forest, with no electricity, no
water, no mattress to sleep on and now no security. You have nothing to eat, no water to drink and nothing a tall but two things should bother you mostly- Will I survive this? and How will I

This sounds a kind of unrealistic but believe me, it can actually happen. You never know where you would get a call to action tomorrow, and it might be that area of the Kenyan forest you actually dreaded, or the thick Sambisa Forest housing the dreaded Nigerian Boko Haram. 

Now, the tips to hold on to in case you meet these challenges include: 

Always Be Ready For Action: Never dull up yourself and never get drunk. Also you should never over-sleep in the forest, because you never know when the danger will arrive. Unless off the bush, you wouldn't need your high heels and other stuff like hair straighteners. Instead of going for all these, go for your socks, fire place, warm clothing, torches and other basics. 
Four Tips On Surviving The African Bush
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Eat Anything You Can: Yeah! Even worms and termites can prove to be a great meal. They are very proteineous in nature. Also be careful, if something looks like carrots or potatoes, they might be poison. Also, those your cherished termites can also be the baboons delicacy. 
Four Tips On Surviving The African Bush
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Put Yourself Together: If you hear a lions roar, put yourself together and be calm, if you are bitten by a snake, you should apply the simple first aid, tie the area with clothing and avoid the temptations to panic too. 
Four Tips On Surviving The African Bush
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Always Feel At Home: Use anything you can see to make a home. Anything you can lay your hand on is practically a building material, be wise and creative. We welcome you to our Africa, and believe us, we are nice people and not actually what most of you think.
Four Tips On Surviving The African Bush
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