Social Media: Growing Your Twitter Followers Free [Updated, 2020]

Social Media: Growing Your Twitter Followers Free
Twitter is a social network founded in the year 2005, it had risen to more than 500 million users in the past years and more people are still joining it in the recent years. 
If you have a business that you want to get noticed by a great audience and you have not yet created a Twitter account, I advise you to head over to Twitter and create your account in other to get your business to the right audience.

Now one battle many people face on Twitter is how to get tons of Twitter followers free, because they don’t actually see reasons why they should invest in it. I advise that if you really want to make it big on Twitter, you have to invest. 
If you intend using your Twitter for making money, or affiliate marketing or even getting blog traffic, then it’s worth investing in because it’s either you invest your money or your time. Now most at times people come to Google and search for, “Best Ways To Get Free Twitter Followers”. It’s nice to do that, but there’s actually no best way, but many “best ways”. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s all the ways you choose to use, try to master them and you get the best out of them.

Personally, one reason I love Twitter is its use of hash tags. Hash tags are words that normally start with # in some social media platforms. They are used for global discussions and you use them to pick out individual contributions to a particular topic and are hyperlinked to aid searches. You can see it in the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Sometimes, it shows us the trending information (mostly on Twitter). For example, when a popular artist releases a new music or album, you will see people sharing it using the hash tags and if it is mentioned up to 100,000 times, Twitter will display it by the left hand side, among the trending tweets of the year. 
Another example was when the Chibok girls got missing, then, you would be seeing hash tags like #BringBackOurGirls, and these are for Nigeria though. A popular worldwide hash tag is the #HalaMadrid, it is normally used when Real Madrid wins a match. There are many other hash tags like #FoodLovers, #FollowFriday, #BiggerFridayShow and so many others. You can even create yours for your personal discussions, as you choose.

Many people complain that getting Twitters followers is not an easy task and I concur to that. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is not all about friends, Twitter is a platform that allows you to follow accounts that are relevant to you and in return, people follow you back if they have anything to gain from you. Truly, it might not sound easy, but I will share some of the tips I used in previous times for growing my Twitter followers, their pros and their cons, now let’s get going:

• Use Of Hash Tags

When something happens and people start tweeting about it, other individuals will want to know what people are saying about it and they will search for what people have posted using the hashtags. If you want to gain followers, you can make use of the hashtags, make relevant contributions to the topic, and watch people retweet your tweets.

Pros: It’s very easy to use, all you have to do is to post and if you have luck, people will start following you.
Cons: It’s slow, and you are not assured of getting any follower, after all, nobody wants his followers : following ratio to be greater than 1 : 1.

• Use Of Auto follower Websites, Software and Apps

There are many auto-follower websites in the internet. For example, bestfollower, among many others. You can just click the website in your web or mobile browser, give them access to your account and then watch your followers increase. The give you followers, and automatically use your account to follower other users.

Pros: It is easy to use, all you have to do is to login to the website, give them access and boom- you see your follower list increasing.
Cons: One of the reasons I dislike it is that Twitter frowns at it. It violates Twitter terms and conditions and it can make to disable your account.
Another reason is that they spam people using your account. Just a click and they’ll use your account to send tons of Direct Messages to your followers, and the dms are always disgusting and annoying. I wonder how they manage to escape through Twitter’s tough spam filters.

• Buying Of Followers

You can  go to some websites to buy Twitter followers, good a thing, many of those websites will first offer you free follow to show you what they can do. 

Although buying Twitter followers online is kinda expensive, you can still give it a try. One disadvantage of buying Twitter followers is that it'd eventually fall.
I had a celebrity friend with over 200,000 Instagram followers and less than 10,000 on Twitter. He paid heavily for Twitter followers and in less than a week, his account was grown to more than 100,000 followers.
After quite a couple of months, his Twitter followers fell back to 35,000 and he's now thinking of spending money on Twitter ads.

Disclaimer: I've not purchased Twitter followers online before, neither am I their affiliate to any website offering the services. This implies that it is all left to you to be careful, and avoid being scammed on the net. Never submit your credit card details to anyone that you don't trust.
Twitter frowns at buying followers, so even if you would,  you should do that bit by bit. An aggressive increase in followers can make you lose the Twitter profile. Most Twitter accounts you buy are bots, so I advise you should forget about buying and grow your profile with real humans. Bots won't earn you money, they won't give you traffic and they won't give you impressions.

• Follow for follow

This is another major way of getting Twitter followers. There are many things involved. It's either you do it yourself, or  with the help of some popular accounts who would ask people to retweet and follow people who do same or like and follow people who do same. 
Social Media: Growing Your Twitter Followers Free
Screenshot taken the first time this post was published (August 2017)
how to grow your Twitter followers free
Screenshot taken in 2020
It's a very interesting and fun way of growing your followers while growing your tweet 
counts. Now some people will not follow back and you know what to do next? You can use the help of some web based apps like Unfollow Spy and Who Unfollowed Me  to auto unfollow them. Personally I prefer Who Unfollowed Me because it is a completely free tool and you don't need to upgrade, and in addition, they don't have any daily limits. 

Unfollow Spy is also very nice, you're allowed to follow 50 accounts and unfollow 100 accounts daily but when you upgrade, it becomes up to 1000 per day, so you see it is a huge difference right? 
Now always remember this, whenever you are using these tools, make sure that your phone number and/or e-mails are up to date because Twitter can ban you anytime for anything. They have a strict daily unfollow and follow limit of 1000 accounts and if you exceed, you might be locked out of your account [I have been locked out many times]. If you want to use this method, go to Twitter and search for #GainTweets. From there you'll get to connect more people and it never finishes, everyday you'll keep on getting and that's an assurance. 

So what are you waiting for? Head on to your Twitter and begin your journey to fame, you would soon thank me for writing this. Kindly share this post to your friends and drop a comment about your experiences or any other methods you know already. Thanks a lot for reading along.
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