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Blogging: Why Every Blogger Must Get A Custom Domain

Many at time newbie bloggers are faced with the question , "Must I Get A Custom Domain Name? Well, it's not compulsory, but it is necessary. You might not know the importance, but
even if you don't have enough funds yet, why not go for the free ones?

Now what is a custom domain?

When you created your blog or website, it was bearing something like,,, and so on depending on your hosting site.  Now, these names come with some restrictions and believe me, they are very huge. You can’t even monetize it and it is very non-professional. You can’t just approach a company and say, “hello, come and do some sponsored posts on”, they would just set you off the queue of thousands of other competitors. Even ad networks like AdSense would have a low rate of approving you, some would never.
Getting a custom domain name is the act of purchasing or getting a more pro name like,,,,,, and so on. They are so many depending on your needs and budget and they are also very cheap.  Some like the are completely free, at least for the first year. You can get them from So if you don’t have enough funds yet, you can go for them. They are good but mostly, a normal domain name like .com is better.

Why must you get a custom domain name?

You know that sounds better than 
Adding a custom domain will help you sound more professional
3. It is also a means of encouragement in blogging, since you have invested in it.
4. Should you leave a hosting site like blogger, you still keep your traffic, Alexa rank, backlinks and so on.
5. If your blog gets deleted for going against Bloggers terms of service, you wouldn't feel it much.

So step up to this level of professionalism now? Click here to hire me to do it for you at only N3, 000 . No one would do it cheaper for you. Even after changing, your visitors from the will still be redirected to the new one. Isn’t that great? The N3,000 involves the installation fee, but I can get the domain alone at N1,500 with my MasterCard and you pay in Naira.

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