How To Quickly Get Rid Of Pimples

98% of people reading this are sure to have come across the term pimples. These are normal skin conditions which are caused by the inflammation of the skin when the sebaceous glands get infected with bacteria which induces swelling and then filling with pus.

They occur mainly during puberty stage which can range from 6 to 30 years of age, though some longer conditions have been recorded.

Pimples can be gotten rid of using the following methods:


Lemon juice is a universally known agent used in clearing and avoiding pimples. It's high vitamin c content helps it dry the pimples faster. Fresh lemon juice must be used in this case and not bottled ones which contain preservatives. 
It should be applied with the help of a clean cotton wool swab on the affected areas before going to bed.


Yes! Toothpaste. Many people don't know but the toothpaste which we use in cleaning our teeth can also be used in clearing pimples and reducing pimple induced swellings. It is very effective in pimple clearing.
It should be applied mildly on the affected areas before going to bed. White toothpastes are preferable and also gel toothpastes should be avoided.


Ice blocks can also be used in pimple eradication by tightening skin pores, clearing oil and sweat deposits form the skin, and by improving blood circulation in the affected areas. 
It should be applied by putting some ice blocks in a piece of cloth and then press on the affected places for a few seconds. Then repeat the process.


As most of know, this natural liquid is indeed very medicinal. It can also be used in clearing pimples, nourishing the skin, speed up healing processes, reduce swellings and prevent other skin infections.

It can be applied by dipping a clean piece of cloth or cotton wool swab in honey and applying it on the affected areas, and then leaving on for 30 to 40 minutes before washing away thoroughly with lukewarm water. 


Aloe vera is also an important natural product used in removing pimples and keeping the skin in perfect conditions.
It can be applied like honey. Swabbing with a clean cloth or cotton wool material and then applying on affected areas for maybe 30 minutes before thoroughly washing away with lukewarm. It should be repeated at least three times daily.


Papaya is also another natural extract which can be used in clearing pimples. 
The papaya should be crushed, and the juice extracted and applied over the affected areas, then it should be allowed to dry off before washing away with water. 


Baking soda is also an important pimple remover because it helps to exfoliate the skin and also removes dead skin cells.
One teaspoonful of baking soda is mixed with water and turned into a paste by turning the mixture.
Next, wash your face thoroughly and then dry. Then apply the baking soda paste and leave for 2 to 5 minutes, then quickly wash off. Leaving for longer periods can damage the skin.
It can be repeated at least thrice a day.

Other methods of pimple removal include good hygiene, which involves being clean at all times and keeping the skin neat.

Drugs can also be employed to achieve better results. 
Pimple popping should be avoided as this sometimes introduces bacteria to the skin which causes permanent scars.
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