Traffic Congestion And Suggested Ways Of Dealing With It

Traffic Congestion And Suggested Ways Of Dealing With It
When talking about the problems of traffic and some suggested solutions, traffic jams or congestion, as it is sometimes called, happens to be the most challenging and difficult-to-control problem we now face in this global universe of ours. 
Before I proceed to highlighting the problems coming from traffic, I should define it so that any lay man will be able to make up the meaning.

Traffic can be defined as a long and vast line of vehicles such as lorries, trailers, vans, buses, motor cars, down to motorcycles and even bicycles to some extent, along highway which usually takes place in urban areas. This occurs due to some events like u-turn or crossing of the way by other vehicles etc. The masses of traffic leads to  a great number of problems which cannot be even listed wholly in this little article. 

Some of the problems are:
  • loss of life
  • missing of one's offer or job
  • criminals escape and 
  • sound and air  pollution. 
To understand my points clearly,I will explain now. 

The first problem is loss of life. I know that a question must cross my readers' mind. The question is that how can just common traffic cause death. This is by wasting the ample time to reach hospital at the right time.

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Secondly, traffic can be source of escape of criminals. This is because the problem can deter the security that trail them(criminals) meanwhile the criminals  get way out.

Thirdly, traffic leads to missing one's chance and opportunity. As a result of traffic, a person cannot attend the place of his job or interview on time.

Finally, sound pollution and air pollution get their roots from that traffic. Some vehicles being used are outdated and rusted. Examples of these is easily and simply found in my country Nigeria. Therefore, those vehicles emit thunderous sound and a cloud of smoke assaulting and attacking the weather. However, whatever has problems must have solutions. The first and foremost is that we know the problems. So other solutions from the point view of mine are:

1] Construction of fly-over
2] Construction of air-bridge
3] Highways with a lot of sides
4] Promotion and maintenance of railway line
5] Provision of simple air transportation system eg helicopters etc.

Editors Review: This is a guest post sent by one of our readers Ibrahim Musa Gozawa. You too can be our writer, you just have to submit your article.
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