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Men's Health: Quick Ways To Build Your Abs (Pacs)

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There is no special method or procedure required in bodybuilding, apart from correct dieting and strict workout. We are going to look at how to build abs or otherwise known as pacs.
Whether you exercise at home or in a gym class, there is no difference in the procedures or methods, it just takes devotion and patience and the needed results are sure to show later on.

Abs are muscular protrusions in the abdomen that protect the stomach cavity, though these muscles are more prominent in males, and are usually a total of six in the cavity.
They can be well developed through the following ways:


Just the right amount of protein in your diet and you are already kick starting your body to be in perfect, flawless shape. The proteins help build the required muscles and also helps in destroying body fat so adding a little bit of proteins like meat, milk, fish in your diet is advisable. But artificial proteins should be very much avoided because these sometimes cause unwanted side effects in muscle or body building (one ab looking bigger than the other).

A little carbohydrate is also needed to supply the energy needed for workout, and these should be combined with vegetables too, at least once daily. 

Healthy fats too should be included in your diet such as fish oils and nut butter. These help increase insulin levels in the body and keep the body in a stable condition.

Dieting is a very  important process in body building, because your body needs to be in a stable condition before it starts its development process. Pretty much the same effect as hitting the gym on an empty stomach.


Ab building is not just about 'just eating' the correct foods, the timing and rotation of your diet is also important.

Proteins can be taken at least twice a day, protein drinks included.
Then carbohydrates should be taken at least thrice. It should be included in moderate quantities.
And should be taken mostly before workouts. Very important!
Vegetables and other nutrients can be taken at your own discretion.

Fast foods or artificial food products should be thoroughly avoided. These also damage the body building process.


Eating without working out won't produce the desired abs that are needed, so it is very necessary to familiarize yourself with the workout procedures which include:

Like the diagram describes, the press sit up is one of the starting exercises you must perform for maximum ab building. You lay on a bench or on a flat surface, deeply inhale, tighten your torso muscles and then sit up. This procedure can be repeatedly done, as much as you can hold it. It can also be done with the help of hand held dumbbells.
The plank exercise also helps in ab building and in general body stability. You go down in this position and then try to hold yourself for as long as possible while taking deep breaths and intermittently tightening and releasing your torso muscles. The side plank can also be used, but in this case you try to balance sideways and also try to take deep breaths while flexing and relaxing the torso muscles.

This can be done by intermittently raising both legs for a measured period of time and then bringing them down again, this can be repeated at intervals for as much as you want. This exercise helps in balancing the abs and also helps in building leg muscles too.
In this exercise, you have to completely bend forward to touch your toes and then return to a full standing position. Then it is repeated as many times as you desire.
It can also be performed in lying position, while lying completely prostrate and intermittently raising your torso and attempting to touch your toes.

It can be done by lying face up with knees bent up to 90 degrees, and your hands behind your head while keeping your abs contracted. Then keeping knees in that position try to bend forward with both arms folded across the back of your head and lifting your shoulders. Hold this position and take a deep breath. Then return to lying position and attempt as many times as possible.

These methods are sure to get you a stunning 3D ab figure if they are strictly attempted as frequently as possible.


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