Social Media: What Is Facebook Phishing And How To Protect Yourself

What is Facebook phishing?
Phishing is a technique which is used in hacking. It is the most common method of hacking Facebook accounts and widely used to capture novices.
It simply means creating a duplicate page of a reputable site and using it to extract some sensitive information from people like credit card data, passwords and many others.
There are so many ways to hack Facebook accounts but phishing is the most common though.  can hack an account by:

Social Engineering
Plain password grabbing
Browser Extensions
Malicious software and mobile applications
Trojan Horses and so many other methods

However, they are not easy to learn ad phishing. You just need a computer, with a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and boom, you have your own phishing script collecting people's passwords.

Now, I'll show you some typical ways through which these phishing attacks can be attempted. You may be desperate to log in to a pornographic site, or make money online, or even get Facebook likes and followers. 
A website would ask you to enter your Facebook email and password in order to gain access to the porn site. You'd enter, and then automatically you are redirected to the site and you think it is all over. The web master would get your log ins immediately into his email and you are no longer the owner of your account.
He can use it to scam people, make nasty comments, grow Facebook groups and pages and so many other things. He can even sell it on Fiverr for nothing less than $20.

My Own Story

How I Escaped A Phishing Attempt

This night, I actually escaped a phishing account. A guy came to one of the groups to which I was a member and offered for who needed 150,000 Facebook followers. I had close to 5,000 followers on my Facebook personal account and so I knew it wasn't actually bread and butter to get followers. They usually follow you if you are a personality.
I checked the guys profile and he had only 907 followers, then I detected some fowl play. 
I inboxed him for the followers, just to see for myself and he gave me a link.

You can see the link below [http://­rinwaexports.com/­1ad56fc2daae47dd6da98­fcd3646d661/­addfollowers/en/­?i=1564148]:

You can see the spam marked in red. When I clicked it, then look at what I saw:
They expected me to enter my email and password here, however I entered NONSENSE just to crossover and see the landing page.
Now look at what they redirected me to.

Now they have taken what they wanted, and redirected me to another site http://proxy4free.online/, kudos, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED 😆. 

Now they can sell my Facebook account and make do with the illegal money, while I lament the loss of my account. 
However, this is a cheap phishing technique. Some actually look so identical to the real site that you ignorantly enter  your details. 
Once you do that, your account will be used to promote spammy links, go against the Facebook policies and might eventually be taken down.
Let us share this post and make sure everyone is aware of these developments. Remember to be your brother's keeper.
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