Popular Dishonest Business Practices You Can See In Nigeria

Due to the rapid increase of unemployment in Nigeria, many Nigerians are now partaking in different types of dishonest practices in other to survive in this present age.

Many people use this particular excuse, saying that they must eat, they must cater for their family and bla bla bla but I disagree to this opinion. 
There are many ways of raising a living other than going into unethical and dishonest practices. While we are talking about the individuals engaging in this unruly behaviors, it's also worthy to to talk about the government officials and politicians that launder our money. They take them to the foreign banks and safe there, stacking up wealth for the unborn kids while the present Nigerian citizens are in hardship. So Bad! 😔
For example, Alison Diezani Mmadueke allegedly stole $90 billion, oh my God, this is more then Bill Gates net worth nah. This is why we'll never go higher than this. But in spite of all this, we shouldn't continue in the evil because people are doing it, we should choose to stand out and in that way, secure a better future for the coming generation. 
In this article, we'll be discussing on some of the popular dishonest practices that can be seen in Nigeria, at least that kept us in this condition now.

#1 Receiving Bribes To Award Contracts

How can we go far when you'd leave a qualified engineer to give the building project to a Senator's son or maybe another guy who has the cash? 
God forbid! We must change that nasty character. Give contract to whom contract is due and our roads will last longer.

#2 Tax Evasion

When last did you pay your tax? Most times we have seen politicians being probed because they have been evading their payment of taxes.

How then can our government survive without it? The poor teachers and civil servants are all paying their taxes but the big companies and agencies are evading them. I also blame our government who cannot create a proper system to catch the tax defaulters.

#3 Embezzlement Of Money

It pains me when I hear of huge sums especially that I never seen before, missing in the budget. Like did someone take it from the drawer where it was kept? 
These things are bad. When we keep on discovering money in apartments and ldges, then nothing serious will be done in this country.

#4 Misleading Advertisements

This is leading every nook and cranny now. Even these herbal product sellers will never fail to amuse us with the none sense assumptions that their drugs can cure everything.
Dishonesty isn't good. Let's call a spade a spade.

#5 Poor Work Environments and Conditions

Every now and then the workers are protesting for poor working condition. Our leaders don't put people in their shoes. Treat your employees nice and they'd convert well for you.

#6 Maltreatment Of Employees And Poor Salary

It's only here in Africa that employers maltreat their staff and get away with it. You can't just keep paying them what you like and when you do, no. Put these people in your shoes and you'll see how unfair it really is. 

#7 Priducing Substandard Goods

This is the act of producing poor quality goods and in most cases, making them to appear genuine. For examples, some Nigerian importers go to developed countries like China and Japan and order for poor quality goods. This is the reason anytime you hear someone saying "This is a China phone", immediately what comes into our minds is that the phone is a fake. This is also applicable to other household goods and it's very bad. 
Also, companies in Nigeria collect money from the government to build things and divert them into other places, thereby making them to produce poor quality goods. A typical example is the roads in some of the local government areas. 

#8 Delays and deferrals in Making Returns to Regulatory Authorities 

The insurance agencies cited in the Nigeria stock trade are known for this.
For instance, the rendering of quarterly and year-end examined records of organizations cited in the stock trade to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Nigeria Stock Exchange endure a considerable measure of postponements. 
These organizations infringe upon this law consistently and are prepared to pay the fines and decline to change. The administrative specialists should discover harder discipline for errant organizations to influence them to agree to worldwide accepted procedures.

In conclusion, the government and we the citizens should in any small way fight corruption. It is for our own good.
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