You Must Avoid These 7 Habits That Kill Your Creativity

A talent is a natural skill or ability which someone has been born with. All humans have many talents which nature and our Creator have imbibed into us.
Many of us can sing, write, draw, design and so on but not everyone has actually discovered their talents. 

However, making these talents work requires a lot of hard work. Someone who was born a journalist might be a nice reporter in their primary and secondary schools, or be a great project reporter in their university, but without starting a journalism career, whether blogging, working with a news agency or things like that, then you'd never hear them for life.
The grave yard bears the greatest number of dreams!
There are many things that kill one's talent and creativity. They kill your ability to be creative enough to make a living from your talents and stop you from living a fulfilled life.
Below is a slide show featuring these talent killers, or you can better still see them here.

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