12 Spots To Purchase Postage Stamps In The United States

12 Spots To Purchase Postage Stamps In The United States
The world is rapidly progressing and the older methods of transferring of information are gradually being phased out.
This has made it almost impossible for people to know where they can purchase some vital items such as the postal stamps. However, there are many online stores from where we can purchase these stamps or better still get them online. We want to show you different places from where to buy stamps in the USA.

Where can we get postal stamps online in USA?

1. The United States Postal Service:

The United States Postal Service popularly known as USPS has been in existence since 1995. It was formally known as the U.S Mail and the first postman general was Benjamin Franklin. You can purchase stamps from them via The official Postal Store at USPS.com.

2. Amazon and other online retailers:

Amazon is probably the best online store and they have almost everything including postal stamps. You can even shop there and get your product delivered in 72 hours depending on your location. Furthermore their prices are on par as to compared with the USPS and if you're not in that much hurry, this is a good choice.

3. Walmart:

We all know Walmart and they are in almost every locality. There is almost no street in the United States that doesn't have a Walmart store. They sell postage stamps and other items you may need for your postage services like envelops, pens and so on.

4. CVS Pharmacy:

This is a great choice however you can't use the CVS loyalty points to purchase stamps. There are some restrictions concerning the things you can use your Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards to acquire and postage stamps are included. 
Also note that you can’t be able to order the postage stamps directly from the CVS official website.

5. Walgreens:

You can purchase postage stamps from them but availability depends on your location.

6. Publix & Kroger:

Picking up your stamps from a grocery store will also help you purchase your needed groceries together. Kroger is one of the biggest grocery store in the US and in their locations you can purchase postage booklets with up to 20 postage stamps.

7. Banks:

Banks are a good purchase spot for postage stamps. Some of the American banks that sell them include Bank of America, U.S Bank, Key Bank, and Wells Fargo. These sell stamp booklets to those who need them.
Availability varies from bank locations and so you may need to visit their official websites first to know if they are available. You can also visit https://usa-banks.info/pnc-bank/ to get information about PNC bank and its branches.

8. Staples:

Most stationery stores in the US also sell postage stamps. Apart from these, you can also purchase envelops, pens and other stationery items together.

9. Target:

Almost all Target locations in the United States sell postage stamps. You can normally find them in the office supplies section. However they can also be found with their customer service department. There is a downside to buying postage stamps from them. They only sell them in bundles of 200 stamps. This could end up costing your roughly $100.

10. Gas Stations:

Gas Stations sell postage stamps too. Next time you refill be sure to ask the clerk of one if you'd need them.

11. 711:

They also sell but sadly not all of them. Next time you need one, you can give them a try or better still check other places first.

12. ATMs:

Due to advancements in technology, some ATM machines also dispense postage stamps. However it's not yet available all around.
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