5 Reasons The Big Bang Theory Is A Must Watch

5 Reasons The Big Bang Theory Is A Must Watch
The Big Bang Theory was created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady in 2007.
It has become one of the most popular shows among people of all age groups in a span of less than a decade. Here we point out five reasons why TBBT is a must watch, if you are not a fan of this show already.
The Storyline: The Big Bang Theory is the story of two insanely intelligent physicists, (read: nerds), Leonard and Sheldon, who are roommates, and how their life that once revolved around complex math problems and their two friends, Raj and Howard change when an attractive woman named Penny moves next door. This is a show that adds glamour to the otherwise stereotyped dull lines of nerds. The storyline breaks all those stereotypes and shows the viewers that smart is indeed the new sexy. (By the way, don’t forget to checkout our collection of The Big Bang Theory T-Shirts). 

Sheldon Cooper: Yes, Sheldon Cooper is amazing enough to have warranted an entire paragraph for his character. Never before has a self-absorbed, eccentric nerd become such a fun character on television. He is quirky and you can never get enough of Sheldon. His T-shirt choices are ones to watch out for, with him making bright graphic tees as trendy as ever. From his three-tap knocks to his love for ‘his spot’, he is a person you will begin to fall hilariously in love with. Be prepared to have ‘Bazinga!’ stuck in your head for the rest of your life! 

Penny and Leonard/Amy and Sheldon: These two couples add the element of romance to this amusing show. However, the two share a very different bond. While Penny and Leonard are poles apart with respect to their individual personalities, Amy and Sheldon are more compatible in the traditional sense of the word, with a lot of their interests and habits happening to seem alike. While the former relationship is on and off throughout the show, the latter develops radically with Sheldon becoming more dependent on Amy than anyone would have imagined him to be, considering his aversion to the opposite sex in the beginning of the show. The two relationships along with many others in the series make it an interesting watch.

The Comedy: The Big Bang Theory definitely has a good dose of humour, with several jokes that will have you cracking up in every episode. With the relationship between the boys and Penny, the odd pattern of Raj having to drink before conversing with a woman, the crazy habits of Sheldon and many other witty elements that have seamlessly made this show as hilarious as it is. 

The Celeb Cameos: If you are a huge fan of science, and physics in particular, this is a series that will blow your mind because it has cameos by people like George Smoot, Brian Greene and Michael Massimino. If they do not have you impressed, perhaps these two names will do the trick: Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. Enough said.
The Big Bang Theory will have you laughing carefree at one moment and furiously thinking at another. It is a show not only for the nerds but for every person who loves a good series that will give you fun and food for thought at the same time.
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