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Donate $1 To Us Today And Get A Free E-book

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Hello everyone, it's time to celebrate us all. We have been doing our best to supply you with quality information and we'd really appreciate it if you can help us keep the site running and reaching out to so many others. Without you, this site will not be existing because we can't post for the bots to read. Your comments, shares and email feedbacks make you all the best of humans ever. Even the criticisms and jokes are so fun, because the whole thing would have been too boring. The questions you ask make us know we actually have readers and that's the sweetest of all.

However, we have not reached our targets of reaching out to the whole of Africa. We want to make sure everyone outside there has access to the whole lot of information on this site. We want to make sure everyone who has an internet enabled phone, is a benefactor of the wonderful and rich information we publish on daily basis. We also want to sponsor more writers to make sure the information on the site are as professional as they can ever be.

These require a lot of funds and advertisements. We need to sponsor Facebook and Twitter posts to create awareness of our presence on the whole social networking sites.  We need you to achieve this and that's why we have made our e-book, Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer available on donations. We want to reward everyone who will help us reach out to the nooks and crannies of Africa. 
It's not about how much you give, it's about giving!
You can touch a kid today, with a dollar, $2, $5, $10 or even anything you can donate to us. We will appreciate that. Help us purchase more articles. Help us touch the lives of those kids out there that have internet enabled phones but still lack information. 
Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and the management and staff of Airtel for making the Free Basics platform available for all. You can get us there now. Click here
If you are willing to touch a life, if you're willing to help us serve you better, then you can help us now. You will get an instant access to the e-book, Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer

What will you find in this e-book?
- The simple tips that can land you $2000+ every month as a freelancer. 
- The best ways to land and keep your clients.
- An amazing website that will pay you $100 for every article they accept.
- Many websites where you can sell your articles, stories, poems and literature and land at least $200 per submission.
...and many more!

Now think, which business can you start without an investment? Well, it's freelancing of course. You don't need a dime and that's why we want to use it as a reward for our donators. You deserve the best and you're the best. 
Click here to get your own free e-book now and we assure you that your donation will not be a waste.

Donate $1 To Us Today And Get A Free E-book Donate $1 To Us Today And Get A Free E-book Reviewed by Editors on December 09, 2017 Rating: 5
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