Some Signs You Might Be A Genius Without Actually Knowing It

Some Signs You Might Be A Genius
According to dictionary.com, a genius is someone that has exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

He is an an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity.
There are different characteristics that someone can notice in him/herself and it'll be obvious the person is a genius.
We've outlined some of them below, if you don't notice all this signs, it doesn't mean that you are not a genius, all the signs were outlined as observed and may or may not be 100% accurate.
- You get depressed most times: Geniuses have been scientifically proven to always get depressed because of the fact that they try to know everything, especially the origin of life and reasons for existence. They just naturally worry too much.
- You're an atheist: This one got me thinking. Most geniuses, (you can check university professors and inventors) don't believe in the existence of any being. They learn to face their problems squarely and it's working for them.
- You question everything: This is one of the things that turn people into atheists, and it's one of the ways to know a genius. You ask questions about everything in life and why you should be into a religion, live till morrow and so on.
- You talk to yourself: This doesn't mean you're lunatic, you might be a genius.
- You are nocturnal: Scientists have proven that people who sleep in the early moments of the morning and work at night think better, live better lives and are generally more intelligent than the rest.
- You doodle a lot: Check the back of any genius' notebook, you will see different drawings and write-ups that might even get you annoyed. Musical lyrics, drawings, quotes and so on. It means they can't just be occupied.
- You have a poor hand written: Nobody should ask me anything. This is what I say and I dropped it like that.
You are a scatterbrain: Lol... carelessness might actually mean that you're a genius. They are always forgetful.
- You might struggle with addiction: Geniuses might struggle with addiction during their lifetime. You can check many of them.
- You never stop challenging yourself: You live on imaginations, illusions and things others don't see. You believe in a better tomorrow and are working hard, laboring yourself and struggling to get there.
- You constantly read: There are some books we are told that can turn you into an atheist after reading them, something like Da Vinci Code (I read that though), but you don't bother, you try extracting the knowledge therein. You just can't pass through a library without branching in.
- You have a lazy sense of fashion: It doesn't mean you're broke, you are just too lazy to dress dope, but not that you're dirty. You can check out Mark Zuckerberg and some professors. Mark always turns up in an ash polo and jeans.
- Can't stand noise: Most geniuses hate background noise like mad. They just dislike noisy neighbors and will better live in a GRA than Warri street.
A genius will soundproof their walls to avoid distractions.
- Have a good sense of humor: Scientists have proven that if you have a nice sense of humor, you might actually be a genius. Comedians have a higher IQ than normal humans.
- Accept they are wrong and know very little: After an exam, check out those peeps who claim they gave the lecturer assignments, they always perform poorer. That's because geniuses will always think they didn't write perfectly well but indirectly, they have made it.

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