Facebook Ads: Why Is Your Card Being Rejected For Ads And What Is The Solution?

Facebook Ads: Why Is Your Card Being Rejected For Ads And What Is The Solution?
I tried running Facebook ads for my blog post and I couldn't. It was too frustration.
I had my money, had a page, had a blog post and also a credit card but Facebook was repetitively rejecting it. Well, I found a solution, and I decided to share it since I know that we're so many suffering the same issues. 

Why Is Facebook Rejecting Your Card For Ads?
Facebook is one of the best platforms through which you can reach your desired audience. It has over 2 billion users, meaning that almost everyone who has access to an internet connection has an account, I even doubt if there's any. We all are there but our motives vary. Some are there to chat, some to see photos, some news feed, some to date and of course, some to make money some to scam. 
Those in the last and second-to-the-last categories have one motive, making money from Facebook but the approaches differ. The ones that are there to make money legitimately need unlimited access to Facebook ads, which is not always available.
The error messages and the lack of customer care to take care of these messages are a demerit to the Facebook management. 

Facebook has now made their payment platform so diversified that you can pay via PayPal and even your local currency. Despite this, many users and advertisers complain that they get issues while trying to add their cards. I even got my ads account banned because I tried paying with a UAE PayPal...Lol. So what could be the cause of all these?

Reasons Why Facebook Might Be Rejecting Your Card
Here are some reasons why your card may not have been going through:
- Your card is not enabled for online payments.
- Your card has been flagged by Facebook.
- Your Facebook ad account has an issue.
- The Facebook payment gateway has been blocked by you bank.

What Are The Possible Solutions?
- Contact your bank to resolve the issues.
- Try another credit card.
- Try another Facebook account, each account has one ad account.
- Try another bank.
- Use GetBarter.co. It is the only way I use to do my online transactions now.

After all these, if you still get a problem, then share them with us in the comment section below. We will do well to get you a solution. Please share to your friends.
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