How To Calm Down Stress, Anxiety And Nervousness

How To Calm Down Stress, Anxiety And Nervousness

How to calm down quickly and get better when you are in a hurry, tired, angry, anxious and stressed?

The stress! The disease of the century! Nowadays we are all victims of stress! It is time to learn to control yourself.  

Discover 20 tips, and remedies to calm down and avoid the stress , the nervousness and anxiety .

How to control nervousness, anguish and stress as quickly as possible

1 - Flee!

Do you feel very upset? Flee the confrontation, find any excuse but leave on the field without any explanation, the person or the child who triggered your nervousness or your anguish.

Go to the next room, open the window and breathe.

On your return, you will give an explanation or not, but you will be sufficiently calmed to face the situation. This is the only thing that is important.

2 - Go walking

Walk a quarter of an hour, if possible in a garden, will stop the state of confusion where you are and make your ideas clearer.

Walk straight up without being stiff, becoming aware of the support of your body, lowering your shoulders and pushing your head up but not lifting your chin.

3 - Sing

Singing will quickly soothe your anxiety.

As soon as you feel stressed or anxious sing in your car, at home, outside, without fearing the eyes of others.

3 - Press the space between your fingers

To find immediate calm, apply some pressure to the joint at the base of the index finger and middle finger, with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand.

4 - Drink a comforting herbal tea

Drink an infusion of hawthorn, chamomile, or passionflower.

Hawthorn Infusion

Hawthorn is known to regulate heart rate, calm palpitations and tranquilize anxious people.

Drink 3 cups of tea all day long and another half an hour before bedtime  


In a cup pour hot water over a tablespoonful of leaves, berries or dried flowers. Infuse about ten minutes.

Passionflower infusion

Infusion of passionflower calms anxiety and nervous tension

Drink 3 to 4 cups in the day and one before going to bed.


In a cup pour boiling water over a tablespoonful of flowers and passionflower leaves.

Let infuse 10 minutes.

Chamomile infusion

The herbal tea with chamomile calm nervousness. Drink a chamomile tea throughout the day.


In a cup, pour boiling water over a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers. Let infuse ten minutes.

5 - Chewing a chewing gum

Chewing gum can relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

6 - Contract and relax your muscles!

Sitting, contract the muscles of the foot as much as possible for about 10 seconds, then release them.

Reassemble ankles gradually to your jaw, through the belly and fingers, and tensioning each muscle and releasing them.

7 – Have some natural anti anxiety medicines  

Take any anti anxiety herb as a medicine like:

  • Passion flower
  • Kava
  • Valerian
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon balm
  • Lavender
No doubt that natural herbs are very helpful and can reduce stress.  

Xanax is very popular anti anxiety medicine in the United States but experts recommend us to keep it natural. Here is a question, how long does xanax last? Just few hours and after that you will be fine but when your body will release it you will be the same person.

8 Breathe!

Breathing deeply will help you refocus, reduce tension and relieve stress, giving your body a feeling close to that of an already relaxed body. Najbolji psihijatar will help you to treat your stress.

How to breathe well

Lie on your back with your arms around your body, close your eyes and take a deep breath and exhale deeply.

Then inhale slowly by raising both arms upwards until they surround your head.

Block your breath for a few seconds.

Exhale slowly, deeply, tucking your belly, through your mouth, without blowing loudly, folding your legs over you, while at the same time passing your arms over your head to hold your knees with your hands.

The expiration time should be twice that of inspiration. The longer the expiration, the greater the relaxation.

Inhale gently through the nose while relaxing your body and letting your stomach swell.

Then stretch your legs and let your arms rest against the body. Breathe so quietly several times.

9- Breathe essential oils

Some essential oils fight nervousness and promote relaxation: essential oil of lavender, essential oil of Roman chamomile and essential oil of ylang-ylang and basil.

Pour 2 drops of one of these organic and only organic essential oils on a handkerchief and breathe them as soon as you feel anxious, nervous or stressed.

You can also prepare a soothing mixture of essential oils that will be deposited 5 times a day in the wrists.

Mix ½ tablespoon of a bottle of sweet almond oil with 10 drops of essential oil (fine lavender, ylang-ylang essential oil, Roman chamomile, basil) separately or mixed.

10 - Visualize

Settle in comfortably, then forget about everything around you or disturb and visualize a peaceful scene, a pleasant memory, a ballet, a painting or a landscape that you particularly like.

This imaginary representation will in a short time provoke a reaction of relaxation and so calm you down.

11 - Take a bath

If you are at home unpack in a bath in which you add essential oils or Epsom salt.

Take an anti-stress bath with essential oils

In the bathtub filled with water at 37 °, pour 6 to 10 drops of essential oil, basil, lavender or chamomile, diluted in a little shower gel. Stay for ten minutes, taking care to thoroughly breathe the fragrance.

Take an anti-stress bath with Epsom salts

Epsom salt relieves stress and improves concentration.  Stay 15 minutes in the hot bath with a handful of Epsom salts.

12 - Reduce your consumption of alcohol, caffeine, caffeine and tobacco.

First, people who drink or smoke to better manage stress will feel relief, but then they will be even more stressed. And the more they drink, the more they will smoke the more their stress will increase.

The consumption of alcohol, coffee, tobacco and even sugar is a source of stress. It gives a little fighting on the moment, but then it increases anxiety or irritability.

13 - Sleep 8 hours each night

The more tired you are, the less energy you will have, the more you will be anxious.  

In times of stress and anxiety, you have to go to bed early and sleep well.

Soothe sleep

Some herbs such as St. John's wort can be prescribed (under certain conditions) for depressive states : depression, lack of interest, lack of energy, feeling of guilt.

In principle, they are well tolerated. Talk to your doctor.

14 - Every morning getting up

Ask yourself what will please you most, and make sure to give yourself that little pleasure during the day.

15 - Do you get some vitamin

Every morning, drink a large glass of fresh fruit juice.

And instead of your coffee, drink a juice of a lemon with hot water and honey. Lemon is an excellent restorative.

16 - Eat healthy

Avoid heavy dishes fried or in sauce. Replace with dry vegetables and green vegetables sprinkled with parsley, chervil, tarragon, chives, coriander, etc.)

But treat yourself to a good meal from time to time by eating anything you like.

Rather than nibble on cakes and sweets that annoy, replace them with a handful of nuts, hazelnuts and raisins or an apple or banana rich in magnesium and potassium.

17 - Take magnesium

Magnesium improves the nervous, psychic and emotional balance, sleep and mood, and helps regulate blood pressure, which rises in times of stress.

18 - Massage your feet by hand, either with a tennis ball.

Massaging the feet by hand

-Set comfortably, fold one of your legs to rest the top of the foot on the other leg.

- Smooth each foot with both hands to relax the arch and then

- With the thumb and the index finger, work by exerting a sustained pressure the points between the tendons then the toes, then the big toe,

- Then work the sides of the foot, then move the fingers gradually, massage the heel in small circles to go back to the pads.

- Finish with great smoothing of the heel to the toes.

Massage your feet with a tennis ball

Standing barefoot, slowly roll the ball first under the arch of the foot in a circular manner, pressing more or less with the weight of your body on the ball , then under the heel and the front of the foot, focusing on the hardest or most sensitive areas. After 3 minutes, go to the other foot.

19 - Massage or massage with anti-stress oils

In the evening, massage the body with a mixture of 30ml of sweet almond oil or even your body cream + 10 drops of essential oil of organic basil which is recommended in cases of stress, depression, d anxiety and anxiety.

20– Take smartphone and computer away from your room

Continuous use of the computer and phone causes stress, loss of sleep, stomach pain and depression.

In the family, at home, you do not have to read and answer all your messages.

The room is made to sleep, the desk to work.

Disconnect completely at least two hours before going to bed.

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