How To Start A Provision Store Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Provision Store Business In Nigeria
There is hardly a street in Nigeria, Africa and even the whole world at large that doesn't have a provision store.
They can be known as grocery stores in some developed countries, or even have many other names but all in all, they are all provision stores.
To start with, this business is not really one that much of an investment to begin. You can start it with very little capital and with time,  enlarge your business as more funds begin to come in. You need to find out the needs of the occupants of your area before setting up the business, and know the things they will likely need.
You also need to consider their budgets, as students will not consume the same products with working class residents.

An Average Provision Store Item List In Nigeria

There are some things we are most likely to find in a provision store in Nigeria, and they include:
- Beverages ie tea and milk
- Cosmetics ie body creams and hair creams
- Toiletries ie soap and toilet roals
- Relaxers and other hair products
- Mouth care products ie toothpastes, toothbrushes, etc
- Detergents
- Sweets and candies
- Antiseptics
- Medications like Rubb
- Minerals like Coca Cola products
- Cooking ingredients like salt, maggi, etc

This business was mainly managed by the female folks, but as time went on, more and more men began to troop in. The business has now metamorphosed from a private establishments to a commercial status as it it now practiced even in large scale in the major markets like Ariara Market in Aba, Onitsha Main Market and the big markets of Lagos State.

Some Reasons That Make Provision Stores A Great Choice

There are so many things that make the provision stores a great choice today and we will see them below:
1) It is convenient for so many people: How do you feel like when you have to go to the market to make every single purchase of sachet Milo and Cowbell? It'll be really very stressful to do that right? That is why we need to have a grocery store on every street.
2) Not every one can buy provision in bulk: I can't remember ever buying a carton of biscuit, and I'm pretty sure it's same there. Provision store owners do the wholesale buying and we do the retails. Isn't it very wonderful?
3) It is cheaper: Believe it or not, it is cheaper to buy from the grocery stores than from the market. When I mean cheaper, transportation is a major factor. You save yourself the stress and fuel of having to go to the market to get the minor items.
4) You can combine it with your own business: That's a great fact. You can combine having a grocery store with your own work or business, and sell there when you're off duty. So many Nigerian civil servants have grocery stores.

What Do You Need To Start A Grocery Store In Nigeria?
There are some things you need to put in place before you can start the grocery store business in Nigeria. We will see them below:
1) A good location: You should be able to choose a site that will be easily accessible to all your prospective customers. Close to a junction might be one of the best choices.
2) Determine the kind of product you will like to sell: You should determine what and what you will like to sell, soft drinks, beverages, toiletries, cosmetics and so on. You should also combine a variety of products for maximum results.
3) Get a shop and space: When you have chosen a good location, and know what you want to sell, then go ahead to get a shop and space. Make sure to get an affordable one, as your budget might not be that much. 

Now your business is set up. Let your neighbors, friends and family know that a shop is nearby. You will not need to run Facebook ads or any other types of ads because you are targeting your immediate environment.
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