Speech-language Impairment: Early Identification of Speech And Language Disorder

Speech-language Impairment: Early Identification of Speech And Language Disorder
It is shown that at least 2-3% kids born with communication disability and most of those infants have speech and language disorder.
All the parent know their own child behavior and compare them with other kids or their own sibling. Every child is different and also learn skills differently at his or her pace. However, the normal range for speech and language development depends on your child’s ability to understand and learn a language. There are many factors that play role in his development like surrounding environment, whether or not your kid is exposed to other people interaction. A difficulty in communication can also be a sign of autism

It is very important to identify all the signs at an early stage. Depending on the signs take your child to speech-language pathologist. The Paediatric speech therapist will suggest you activities that stimulate his development and improve your kid communication skills. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders(NIDCD), there are some easily identify speech and language disorder at an early stage. 

Signs to early identify speech and language disorder 
1. At the time of birth, infant didn't react to loud smile or gave smile when spoken to. 
2. If your baby didn't calm down after recognizing your voice. 
3. Didn't makes pleasurable sounds when happy. 
4. Between 4 to 6 months your kid didn't try to follow sound with his eyes or don't babble when excited. 
5. Don’t make gurgling sounds when alone. 
6. Between 7 to 1 year don’t make gestures or try to listen. 
7. Has trouble in imitating different kinds of speech sounds. 
8. Have difficulty in speaking one or two simple words such as “bye”,”hi” or “papa”. 
9. After one year didn't recognise different parts of the body. 
10. Find it difficult to understand simple songs, stories or rhymes. 
11. Difficulty in framing short sentence like “Come here”, “Give water” or putting two words together. 
12. Have some problem in naming words between 2 to 3 years 
13. Difficulty in using different sounds like “p”, “s”,”a”,”t” etc.

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