Why Can’t Youths Like Mr. Samson Peter Stop Scamming?

Nigerian Scammers

This has been a case and a very serious one. Yes, there is unemployment, but are there no ways others are feeding? Must you be a thief? Those money you still were actually other people's sweat.
I recently shared a story on Reporter 247 on how I fell victim of scam by a Facebook user, Sampson Peter, with details:
Name:  Mr. Samson Peter
Facebook url: facebook.com/peter.clicker.98
Phone Number: +2349063626360
 Account Details: 2094380842, UBA Bank
The funniest part is that the thief blocked me, stayed off his account for a week+ and switched off his phone, because of N4, 000, only $10.00 which I can readily stand and spend in any restaurant as lunch.
Mr. Samson Peter Is A Scammer, Nigerian Scamer
Mr. Samson Peter
That prompted me to write and publish this post on why youths have decided to be scammers.
We have started a scammers' section on Reporter 247, and if you have any issues to report, please email [email protected].

Why Have Nigerian Youths Decided To Be Scammers Rather Than Work?

Maybe I should share my opinion on this:

1.  Poverty: Anyone who will scam you of $10 and break his SIM card cannot afford a decent 3 square meal, quote me anywhere. If he were living fine, he would have gotten a good job.

2. Criminal parents: Anyone who was born by criminal parents will probably be one. That might be a reason. Researches have shown that criminal tendencies pass in genes, and criminal parents are most likely to have criminal children.

3. Laziness: The youths don’t want to work, so they take to scamming. They need to show off on the social media like the celebrities whom they adore, forgetting that they actually hysled to get their $$$.

4. Lack of jobs: There are some geniuses who would like to work, but don’t have any jobs. They take to crime as a way of survival. The government is 50% to be blamed for this, and the youths 50%. Why shouldn't you be self reliant? The richest humans in the world are actually self employed.
Mr. Samson Peter Is A Scammer
What do you think? Please share your opinions below and share this post.

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