Avoiding Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Is it Possible?

Avoiding Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Is it Possible?
Each year, millions around the world are diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases, some of which are known to be life-threatening.
The World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that over 70 million individuals around the globe have been infected with HIV since its outbreak, from which around 35 million people have died. Find out more about HIV stats in this site.
Meanwhile, in the United States alone, around 20 million new cases of STDs are estimated to be recorded each year. These stats include not just HIV cases but other known sexually transmitted infections as well.

Knowing that the number of STI cases around the globe is on the rise, there’s a good reason to be alarmed and to take necessary steps to prevent the spread of such diseases and infections. People might wonder though, despite the huge advancement in the fields of medicine, science, and technology through the years, why is there such a big number of such cases? Are there practical reasons to prevent the spread of STDs? There are ways of course. The question is: Are people willing to take these practical steps?

The Good Old Moral Values—Still the Way to Go

Say, there’s a girl we will call “Katie”. Katie is a young adult who has been engaging into casual sex since her teen years. Recently, she had a relationship with a guy we will call “Carl”. And just like how media and the culture and influence of many lands nowadays would glorify casual sex or having multiple sexual partners, Katie and Carl would do that “thing”. Carl had several experiences with many other girls and Katie had the same lifestyle before. Just think about it: How many partners did each of their partners have in the past before they met them? And what’s the likelihood that each of those partners’ past partners are pure and STD-free? You’re right. Anyone would have the biggest doubts, too.
From this story, we can say that the best way to go is still to apply the good old moral values we learned in the past as kids. If it’s not your husband or wife, don’t lay your finger on that person, don’t touch that person, don’t kiss that person, and ultimately, don’t sleep with that person. Not to sound preachy but having a secure relationship in which two individuals are committed to each other, love and care for each other, and both agree to be loyal to each other, is the safest way one can enjoy the benefits of sex. So, if you want to have safe sex that will not threaten your health, then, marry someone you can really love and stay loyal to, someone who agrees to do the same.
When you have this kind of relationship, it doesn’t only keep you healthy physically, but it will also keep you mentally and emotionally healthy. After all, who wouldn’t want to be in a thriving relationship with genuine love, commitment, and loyalty? That’s probably every sane person’s dream.

Get Tested for STIs When You Found ‘The One’

Alright, so you’ve found ‘the one’ you’re waiting for. What are you supposed to do? Give in just like that, too easily? No. Not yet. Take it easy, pal. The best option is that you both agree to undergo an At-home std test so you can make sure that you’re taking care of each other’s health. After all, you wouldn’t want someone you love and someone you care about to get sick, right?
So, go to a healthcare provider and ask for an STD test. Or, if you want more convenience, click here and learn more about getting your test samples ready using reliable at-home testing kits.

You Really Want to Totally Avoid STDs? Abstain from Sex

And finally, friends, still the best way you can avoid getting infected with any STD is to stay single for life. You heard that right. Single. For. Life. And when you say, single, it’s not being single with many casual flings here and there, it means literally single, abstaining from any sexual relations.
Sounds hard? Then, just do what has been said above. That’s not being out of place. Perhaps, it means walking away from the crowd. Yet, it’s the most practical way you can avoid STDs. It’s healthy and it’s worth it.
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