Top Five Nigerian Artists To Watch Out For In 2019

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The entertainment industry in Nigeria is now full of individuals who wants to make it big doing music in Nigeria. Songs are released upon songs and hits made upon hits, collaborations upon another.

However, there can be no iota of doubt that only few will make it big venturing into music among them. This few artiste are what Nigerians want to follow, their songs is what they want to listen to and would love to follow.
Its crystal clear that Nigerians support a artiste over another due to how well they understand and build relationships together.
Let’s not talk much about why some Nigerian artiste won’t make it but rather talk more about Nigerian artistes to watch for in 2019. This list was compiled according to the hits each artiste have made right from the beginning of the year, January. I call them the latest trend buck buster in Nigeria.

Top 5 Nigerian Artiste Hit Makers To Watch Out For In 2019


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You shouldn’t be surprised seeing DMW boss as the best hit maker in Nigeria. David Adeleke, popularly identified by his stage name, “Davido” has been making hits upon hits right from the beginning when he first released his first song. Songs such as Fall, Fia Fia and Assurance are some of Davido's latest songs.

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Some believe it was his Father’s money he’s been using to sponsor himself before he eventually became popular.
I personally don’t agree with the belief above since I know Davido is a business man on his own and has gotten tons of endorsements even before he started music. The fees he get from this endorsements is even enough to boost his music career.


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Olamide popularly called “Badoo Sneh” is a veteran king of RAPPERS in Nigeria, says the people. This people are Nigerians. “Olamide” musics are really enjoyed by people who loves to party. His musics are for the smart people, if you don’t follow them, you’ll be left out completely and won’t know the latest slang or who said it.
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One thing that made Olamide really popular in Nigeria over the years is his use of Yoruba Language and Pidgin to rap, with his flow of words there’s no doubt he would be crowned the king of rappers in the world only if he was very good rapping in English just like Lil Wyane.


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Wizkid popularly known as Starboy is an international hit maker in Nigeria. He got his fame featuring big artiste when he first started music and ever since then he’s been building a loyal fan for himself. Now when ever he releases a new song, there’s no doubt it won’t be a hit and won’t be played over and over in MTVBase and HipTV.
Wizkid is very lucky to be among the hit maker because he just started music and I’ve made just overnight under pressure, perseverance and determination.


Phyno Fino

Of course Phyno is one artiste that every Nigerian music lover should look out for. The Fada Fada crooner has not ceased to give back to back hits, especially in collaboration with fellow rap king Olamide. When we talk about Kings of indigenous rap we give it to Olamide for his cool rap in Yoruba language while Phyno owns it when it comes to rapping in Igbo language, rocking it better than Mr. Raw. Hits songs such as Fada fada, Augment, Onyeoma, and his latest, N.W.A featuring American rapper Wale gives us no doubt that there are more to come from the indigenous rapper.

- FALZ - The Bhad Guy

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In the last few months, from YouTube and and Twitter, there can be no iota of doubt that there hasn’t been a lot to hear from FALZ.
This bad guy released a hit song that fully talks and show what Nigeria is as a country.
This is Nigeria song by Falz has been trending online and around every crook and corners in Nigeria streets. Music addicts and the general public to be precise are seriously anticipating Falz next audio song because its going to be another hit song. So there’s no doubt he shouldn’t be among the list of Nigerian artiste to watch out for in 2019.
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