Functions Of Nigerian Institute Of Architects, Their Members, Registration Information And More

Functions Of Nigerian Institute Of Architects, Their Members, Registration Information And More
The Nigerian Institute of Architects, also known as the NIA was founded in the year 1960.
The body, which was dominated by independent professional architects had some objectives and aims and they included catering for the welfare of it's members, encourage corporation amongst them, fostering friendship and also enhancing mutual support in their midst.

The institute was established by three Nigerians who were at that time, running an architectural programme in England.
However, it was in 1958 that the 8 persons study group formed, and it had about  with a major aim of making plans on how they will establish an Institute of Architects in Nigeria. They planned to start it fully, in the late 50s and it was as planned. The body has grown amazingly within the last few years and has circulated all over the country, forming a major body and boasts of over 6,000 registered members so far.
The Nigerian Instutute of Architects has gotten so influential that its activities have deep eaten into the Nigeria, the other African nations and the world at large. 
They have different  membership classes, the Students members, the Graduates, the Fellows and Associates and of course, the Full members all spread across the nation.
Their functions are so many but we will see them below. They include driving of the body to an enviable height through mutual pursuit of the member's welfare, mutual corporation and support and policy making.

What Are  The Functions Of The Nigerian Institute Of Architects?

As we have said earlier, the functions of the Nigerian Institute Of Architects include driving of the body to an enviable height through mutual pursuit of the member's welfare, mutual corporation and support and policy making.
Aside these, there are a few others and they are dependent on the department in the body. We will see them:

- The Board Of Architectural Education

This is a major department of the Nigerian Institute of Architects and they are in charge of carrying out the architectural education. It is their duty to take care of all the educational activities and programmes of the Nigerian Institute of Architects.
These include the visitation of all the schools of Architecture in the nation, ensuring that the schools are accredited accordingly and so on. They also conduct related exams and implement the development of the profession.

- The Students Affairs Committee

This is another major function of the body and it is carried out by the Students Affairs Committee. It ensures protection of the welfare and interest of the students of architecture in the country, and to make sure they are not neglected in the programmes of their bigger body.

- The Practice Committee

This principle was established and enforced by the Nigerian Institute of Architects through their Practice Committee. This is to promote their standards, ethics and code of conduct generally.
In short, it was formed to make sure that the members of the body comply positively to the programmes and practice policies which they were signed into, as well as promote the ethics of the institution.

- The Public Relations Committee

The Nigerian Institute of Architects also have amongst them an established Public Relations committee. They are in charge of maintaining the general integrity of the body,as well as making sure that they have a clean public image. They do this do protect the reputation of the body by relating directly with the public, since they are also dealing with them.
They take care of issues relating to the media, authorities and general public.

- The International Affairs Committee

This help to take care of the body's foreign activities, especially related to their affiliates and so on. They are a major part of the organisation.

- The Disciplinary Committee

The NIA carry out their functions effectively, but it can't be that way without a committed Disciplinary Committee. They aid them in the maintenance of the professional standards as well as the functional ethics.
They are there to make sure that there is a full compliance to their professional and ethical standards ans they have signed to. This is all stated in the Nigerian Institute of Architects  Code of Conduct and Ethics.

- The Publication And Library Committee

The body also carry out some of their functions through the Publication and Library Committee. These have a major function of the collection and publication of the materials in the body. They also do the write ups from the field of practice and academics, especially when it has to do with matters relating the mandate of the institute
They keep the stocks, manage the library and maintain a comprehensive library for the effective functioning of the body.

- The Archibuilt Committee

The Archibuilt Committee is in charge of the organization and planning of the annually specialized forum. This forum aids in the provision of a platform which helps in the accessing of their building materials, construction technology and oher related items.
However, the publication of archibuilt up-date and the publication of the institute’s compendium all remain the function of the Archibuit committee.
They complement the efforts of the federal government and other interest groups in the development of our nation.

Nigerian Institute Of Architects List Of Members

The Nigerian Institute Of Architects List Of Members publish the list of their new members annually on their website, to avoid scam and impersonation. You can do yourself a great favor by checking it out on the site as they keep it updated there >> https://nia.ng/new-admitted-members/.

You can also get the list of all the architects in Nigeria on their website.
Other information related to the body such as the Nigerian institute of architects registration, examination, president and news can also be gotten there. 

In Conclusion

The Nigerian Institute Of Architects, also known as the NIA performs some of its statutory functions on the behalf of the Architects Registration Council Of Nigeria, also known as the ARCON. It is a is a non governmental organisation. Their official website is www.nia.ng and you can find out more about the body there.
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