Airtel Night Plan Balance Check

Airtel Night Plan Balance Check
Airtel's midnight plan has gone so popular among Nigerian especially people like me that love streaming movies online. It is one of the cheapest data plans in Nigeria together with the MTN night data plan.
The Airtel night plan works is active from 12am to 5am in the morning, sometimes they carry over your remaining bundle to the next night though not every time.
I use the bundle whenever I'm browsing and it gets to 12am because it helps me manage data which is kinda expensive in Nigeria. An awesome 500 250 mb to stream movies online, play online games, stream music, download different software, upgrade apps and play online till 5 am.
Like I said earlier, this is the cheapest midnight browsing tariff available to Nigerians for now, together the MTN night plan.

The Airtel plan comes in two bundles:
N25 for 500MB 250MB which is valid 12am - 5am, and
- N200 for 1.5GB which is also valid from 12am - 5am

I assume you know how to subscribe to this plans, but in case you don't know, don't worry we got you covered.

How To Subscribe To The Airtel 3G Night Plan

Looking for how to subscribe to the Airtel night plan, we'll guide you through that with in a few steps.
For this tutorial, we'll be using an Airtel modem but it works in all devices even phones that can't connect to the internet, as far as they can run a USSD function.
- Dial *312# and click DIAL
- Select the 3rd function which is 'Trybe Night Browsing'
- You'll see something like this:
How To Subscribe To The Airtel 3G Night Plan

- Select either 
  - N25 - 500MB 250MB. Valid 12am - 5am
  - N200- 1.5GB. Valid 12am - 5am
depending on your balance and choice. The first option is usually okay for me but it might not be for you.
You'll receive a success message, then disconnect your connection and connect again to start surfing the net.
What if you want to check the balance?

How To Check Your Balance For Airtel Night Plan

What if you want to check if you have used up your Airtel plans? There is no way to do that as the normal *223# or *140# don't show the balance.
However, there is a new trick we discovered that can help you do that.
- Go to your phone settings and access the Data Usage option
- Toggle the date so it will start displaying the exact date your subscription was made
- Set a data limit for yourself
- Use the set limit to monitor your data usage
That was easy right? This the same trick I use on my devices. You can also use it in your Airtel modem.
What if you use up your data in the middle of the night and you want to renew it?

How To Renew Airtel Night Plan

Airtel and MTN only allow their users to subscribe to the midnight plans once in a night. However, you might want to download a long movie that will exhaust the whole 500 mb without downloading successfully.
How To Renew Airtel Night Plan
We'll guide you through another trick that we use for renewing the plans. It's not a trick, it's a guide.
- Purchase another Airtel SIM
- Keep it handy
- When you exhaust this, repeat the processes again
- I guess you are laughing hard now, don't forget to share to your friends!
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