A Parent’s Guide To Teaching A Teenager To Drive

A Parent’s Guide To Teaching A Teenager To Drive
The time has finally arrived for your teen to learn how to drive - and you’ve been awarded the honour of being the instructor – congratulations! 
You will soon enjoy freedom as they probably won’t need you to drop them off or fetch them at some unmentionable hour. You may even start thinking about what you’ll be doing with all the free time you’ll have. 

But, please keep in mind that your teenager is probably as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof – and also probably more nervous as you were when you started to drive. There are, after all, just so many more cars on the road these days. 

Here are a few tips to put them at ease and to remain calm throughout the lessons:

- Plan your route

If you’ve just started teaching your teen, it’s a good idea to choose quiet and secluded areas like a suburban back street or an empty parking lot. This way, they won’t feel like everybody is watching their every move. It will also alleviate distractions caused by other vehicles on the road, which should make them feel more confident.

- Be clear and concise when giving directions

Keep your eyes on the road and let them know well in advance when they need to, for example, turn. You don’t want them to panic! Use phrases like “We should be turning right at the next street” instead of saying “Turn right NOW!

- Vary driving conditions

If it starts to rain and you had arranged a lesson, don’t postpone it. It’s great if they learn to drive in less-than-ideal conditions You’ll be able to give them pointers and emphasise what to look out for when it’s raining or when they’re driving in the dark. The truth is, rain, hail or driving at night is not completely avoidable and you’ll want them to be as prepared as they can be when they need to drive alone in difficult conditions. 
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- Lead by example

Many drivers develop dubious driving habits over time. Be mindful of teaching your teens your bad habits while they’re learning. Make sure they adhere to all the rules of the road, whatever the circumstances. Your experience may be your saving grace in a tricky situation, but new drivers need to learn to follow the rules of law. 

- Be patient

Remember, there was a time when you were scared and anxious too. Be understanding and try not to erode their confidence by shouting if they make a mistake. If they stall the car or get something wrong, reassure them and let them try again. This will help build their confidence so that when they finally do their driving test, they’ll be much more at ease. Also, be sure to praise them when they’ve done well!

If you have a dash cam, you could also record these special moments between the two of you for later. We’re pretty sure there will be many laughs after they’ve passed with flying colours! 

Before taking them off on a driving lesson, make sure your car is in good condition and has car insurance. This way, you’ll be protected in the case of the odd bumper bashing. Apply for an online insurance quote with MiWay to find the best price on trusted car insurance. Happy driving!
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