Let's Meet Femi Adelana - Tana Adelana's husband

Femi Adelana
I Googled Nigerian famous actress,  Tana Adelana and came to realize that one of the most asked questions about her is her husband.
Everybody wants to know whom this wonderful lady is married to, whether they have kids already and how many kids if any.

Well, we will answer some of the questions you guys ask about Tana Adelana now, then say a few things we know about her husbamd, Femi Adelana.
Femi Adelana

- Who is Tana Adelana?

Ans: She is an actress, a movie producer, a TV host and an entrepreneur.

- How old is Tana Adelana?

Ans: Tana was born 1984, so you can get her age now.

- Where does she Tana Adelana stay?

Ans: She had her early life and education in Lagos, so she'd probably be living there now. Moreover other top celebrities stay there.

- Is Tana Adelana married?

Ans: Yes, for more than 10 years now.

- Has Tana Adelana gotten any kids?

Ans: Yes

- How many kids does Tana Adelana have?

Ans:  From online sources, she has two kids.

- Who is Tana Adelana's husband?

Ans: Tana is married to Femi, and we will see about him now.

About Femi Adelana

Femi Adelana is Tana Adelana's husband, and they have two kids together already. Femi isn't that much into the social media, and not much about him was found except the photo above which didn't show his face clearly.
We will dedicate this page to him, and as we get more data, promise to update it.

If you can help us, then we will appreciate. You are helping us all. Just email [email protected] and we will be the happiest creatures!
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