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Google Digital Skills Comes
The Google Digital Skills are a couple of free online courses, powered by Google to teach people the rudiments of internet marketing and other web-based skills that will help you earn yourself a living from the net.
They are designed with flexible timings to help you grow your business at your own pace, while the personal courses will help you build your overall self-confidence and thrive better in the internet career world.
Their free tools and classes are there to help you:
- Prepare yourself for any career you want
- Improve your overall interview skills
- Discover awesome tools that will help you build a successful business
Google Digital Skills Owerri

More about this wonderful initiative can be seen on their official page https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalskills
Thanks to this, they are also targeting the localities and other parts of Nigeria and are proud to announce their presence in Owerri.
With free registration, you can gain entrance into the awesome world of limitless information.
More details below.
- Who Is Powering This?
As I have said, it is powered by Google
- How much for registration?
100% free, so just go get yourself a seat now
- What is the deadline for registrations?
You don't have to wait for deadlines, because it wasn't specified on the page.
- How will I register?
Please visit bit.ly/mtgng and apply there.
- What is the venue?
Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. It will be spread to all other parts of the country too.
For more information, please see the banner.
 Apply Now
We want the best for you, kindly share!

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