7 Lucrative Side Hustles Every Salary Earner Can Do To Supplement Earn Extra Income

7 Side Hustling You Can Do As A Nigerian Salary Earner
Living big as a Nigerian salary earner might not be possible if your salary is not big enough and you don't have other side hustles.
Relying on only your monthly salary as a Nigerian is something everyone should avoid. Imagine waiting for 6 months to receive a salary your salary. Except you're working on a top oil and gas firm or a senior offices in your organisation, you'll surely need some side hustles to supplement your regular salary.

7 Side Hustling You Can Do As A Nigerian Salary Earner

Getting paid 12 times a year is not a bad idea but having an extra source of income is a better idea.In this article we'll be sharing some side hustles that you can start as a salary earner which will in a couple of months, start paying you off very well.
We called them side hustles because they'll not affect your productivity in any manner. All you need to do is to dedicate some at east an hour to them and you'll see yourself living fine without depending on the government or your employer.
Some amazing side hustle ideas in Nigeria are:

- Photography

Photography is one of the side hustles you can start as a salary earner. It is one of the best side jobs in Nigeria and can fetch you good monthly income with a little stress.One amazing fact about photography is that majority of events are done during the weekend so you still have the week to yourself.
You can also earn as a photographer without working with offline clients. You can take photos and sell them on any of these 40+ websites for a good price.

- Consulting For Local Business

Depending on the nature of your job, you can make money regularly as a consultant on your field of expertise. Different companies can consult you for guides on how and what they need to do to keep their businesses running. Even if you don't get jobs regularly, you can still make money from recurring clients.

- Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing simply means marketing or promoting your business on Instagram. You can buy clothes, take photos of them and post on your Instagram page. Delivery will be easier with courier services and you can increase sales by running adverts.

- Decoration

Like the photography listed above, you can start a decoration business as a salary earner because most events are help during weekends. You can start an a decoration business with a little money and expand with time. 
You will also have to employ some workers to help in easing the work and carrying out the duties when you're busy with your regular job.

- Freelancing

With the experience you've gathered though years in the high institution you can start a freelance writing career. A freelancer is someone that gets paid for doing tasks online without becoming a full employee of the organization.
You can carry out many tasks like writing, graphics designing, web designing and app creation as a freelancer. To find out more about freelancing please check out these page.

- Vlogging

You can actually get paid for creating and posting videos on YouTube. As a vlogger, you can make money from YouTube Adsense, sponsored videos, selling of products and donations.
You can create videos on any topic of your choice but it'll be best to create videos that you believe will be interesting. Also, depending on your niche you you might need to be attentive to the latest trends. See this beginners guide on how to create YouTube channel.

- Blogging

Blogging has been a good part time job for many salary earners and will not be dying anytime soon. You can create a blog for sharing virtually anything, offline or online. To learn more about running a blog see this post on all you need to know about blogging.

These are some of the many jobs you cap use to supplement your regular salary as an employee. You can also engage in things like POS and selling of things to your colleagues.
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