7 Things That Will Make You Stop Wasting Money in 2019

7 Things That Will Make You Stop Wasting Money in 2019
Are you guilty of spending too much money? Have you spent it away on unnecessary things?
You are not alone. In fact, we all have that kind of negative habit.
On the contrary, you also know that this habit must stop right away because it kills your will to be financially literate. 

Let’s be honest here. 

There are some moments that we know within ourselves that we have to limit and cut down our expenses as much as possible but temptations are everywhere and we can’t say NO to it! 

With our emotion being triggered, we end up purchasing products or services and then, later on, we’ll realize that it’s not even worth the money. 

You should at least know how to negotiate the prices in accordance to your monthly salary! Here are some ways to help you stop wasting money:

1. Spending too much on Car Insurance

The same with our electricity expense, water bills, and prepaid loads- Car insurance plays a vital role in our monthly expenses. Unfortunately, there’s no other way that we can avoid this expensive bill, but we can outsmart it! 

When you are to decide on which car insurance you have to register, the wiser thing to do is to compare and contrast these varieties of the car insurance company. Then, you’ll know which one is the cheaper, best and has many perks on it.

2. Utilize Eco-friendly electricity.

The advantage of our contemporary time is that we can also seek modern technology to help us aid our problem. Should you wish to help the Mother Earth, and at the same time beneficiary to you, then you can start utilizing eco-friendly electricity. 

Not only you can help our environment, but your expenses will be minimized. There are many options on the internet, to get a reference from if you want to purchase a cheaper and durable solar panel.

3. You’re being reckless with your things.

We spoil ourselves too much; and yes, believe it or not, buying a new appliance to replace the broken one, costs a lot. Further, especially if it’s something that we have to use for our daily basis. 

The best way to avoid getting frustrated with these broken and replacing of objects is to take care of them. Read the manual and be responsible on how to use it; because if you push a thing beyond what it can do, then, of course, it’ll break down. Everything has limitations even these physical materials.

4. Compare prices

With this tight competition in the business world, it’s hard to not have a duplication of a product or service. No companies are in monopoly right now and take this as your advantage. The more company or manufacturer is selling your desired product, the more it’ll be easier for you to look for alternatives. Of course, you should apply your research skills, because your money is at stake in here. 

5. Don’t waste electricity

Obviously, when you leave your lights on, without anyone using it, is purely a waste of money. Even if they are switched off and the plug is still intact in the outlet, it still utilizes electricity. You should know that at least unplugging all these unused electricity won’t cost you trouble, right? 

6. Pay your debts

This is the most common problem that people have in saving money. In the first place, if you don’t want to have a debt, then don’t engage in it. However, there are really instances that we can’t avoid getting ourselves connected with a moneylender like Cash Mart

If you’re still stuck on your student loans, students would have a hard time paying for it. To avoid getting drown with all that debts, why not pay for it even if only a small amount of money. It’s actually a good decision, because as the time passes by, once you pay your debts, it’ll minimize. 

7. Purchase generic-based brands

We are all hyped up with the feeling when we want to buy something on a famous company. Of course, to be in trend, and won’t be left behind with all these luxuries; but seriously stop it. It’s killing your savings. 

You should always weigh things and consider that whatever brands your using, its use is just the same. Generic brands are much cheaper, rather than those in high-end brands; because high-end brands have to pay for their patent to secure their brand, while the generic ones don’t have to. 

One thing that we always forget about is to save money, especially during payday. However, let’s not forget that earning money is very hard, but it’s easy to spend it and to make it worth the penny, we have to be financially literate. It’s the most problem that young adults are facing, and it’s difficult not to say NO with all that temptation and cravings. 

Fortunately, thanks to our modern advances, there are artificial applications and software that would help us saving money, and some would even pay for us! 
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