Four Shocking Reasons Why There Are Rats In Your House

Four Shocking Reasons Why There Are Rats In Your House
Rat infestation is one of the major problems many house owners in Nigeria and other African countries face in their homes today.
Apart from the fact that many people especially ladies have phobia for rats, these rodents are also responsible for the transmission of many diseases. Rats also destroy many home appliances and foods.
They feed on virtually all edibles around, from bags of rice to crayfish, fruits and even loaves of bread. These has even made the idea of having rats around more inconveniencing to we humans.

Four Reasons Why Rats Are Always In Your House

Humans are often surprised when they see rats around, especially when they are very careful about this. Anyway, in this article we'll see some reasons why rats come into your house and off course, what can be done to avoid it.

- Poor Hygiene

Rats infesting in dirty areas is natural especially when they have easy access to food and water. When the sanitation level of your house is poor, getting rats out of your house will be a hard task.
Whenever you see a massive infestation of rats in your house, check on your hygiene and apply rat poisons while doing clean up and you'll see the story changing.
Also, you might want to know that vacuuming mouse droppings is a bad idea.

- Unsealed Cracks Or Holes

Rats are always searching for good nesting sites for their young ones and will not hesitate in entering any holes or cracks that they see around.
If you notice that rats have started infesting your house, bring out time to check and fix any holes or cracks around and I bet the reverse will be the case.

- Decreased Temperature

Rodents don't cope well in very cold temperatures and would enter warm areas when the weather is too cold. If you notice any rat infestation during the winter or harmattan period, it might be because of the weather.
You can use rat traps to capture and kill the rats or even use rat poisons. It's left over to you but remember to dispose the dead rats properly.

- Unused Furniture, Electronics and Any Other Thing That Can Act As Shelter

Unused electronics, furniture or other appliances can be perfect nesting places for pups. When you have any around you, don't forget to check and clean them up periodically.

Signs That They Are Rats In Your House

If you notice any of these signs it means that your house have been infested:
- Rats running around your house especially in the night.
- Seeing rat dropping around
- Hearing their noises especially in cupboards, gas cookers and electronics
- Rats damage things like raw foods, electronics and other appliances. If you notice things like this, you need to guard your house against rats.
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