The Ideal Career Choices for 2019 that Guarantee Success

The Ideal Career Choices for 2019 that Guarantee Success
2019 is around the corner so it might be time to start thinking of what the future holds.
Making a career choice is one tough task, one that needs proper planning. You will want to choose a career that doesn't just pay bills, but also has opportunities for growth and is fulfilling as well. That is why it's very important to always plan ahead if you want guaranteed success. Additionally, if you have difficulties upon deciding your path or need some professional advice, you can hire a company or a professional that provides life coach training services which can guide you towards making the right decision. However, in this article, we have compiled a list of career choices for 2019 that guarantee success.

1. Personal Financial Advisor

There are thousands of people who have no clue of how to properly handle their finances. This is where a personal financial advisor comes in. They assess peoples' financial needs and assist them in making financial decisions. A financial advisor will help you make viable investment decisions, plan your finances, and generally advise you on all matters finance. The demand for financial advisors keeps increasing and it is predicted to increase even more in 2019. That's why if you find yourself enjoying issues to do with finance, you should consider venturing into this particular career. A bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting or Economics will suffice. The midpoint salary for personal financial advisors is $ 90,000 annually.

2. Personal Fitness Trainer

If you enjoy physical activity and love to keep fit, then you might want to do that as a career as well. Personal fitness trainers help other people achieve their fitness goals. The health and fitness industry is becoming more and more popular as everyone is getting into the culture of keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A personal fitness trainer helps people keep fit by giving them fitness classes, coming up with fitness routines, monitoring a client's progress and sometimes offer nutrition resources. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for personal fitness trainers is anticipated to increase by 8% in the coming few years. The beauty of this particular career choice is that all you require is a high school diploma and job training. You also have to be physically fit since you have to lead by example. The midpoint salary for this job is $ 38,000 annually.

3. Market Research Analyst

Data analysis is paramount in order for any business, big or small, to thrive. Data affects how a business carries out its operations. Knowing how to make data work for you is a great way to have an edge over your competition. Market research analysts analyze raw data and come up with solutions that help a business thrive. The analyzed data helps to understand your customers and predict trends. This helps a business come up with appropriate strategies to provide value to customers. Data can help companies come up with the right pricing for products and find other ways to please their customers. Market research analysts are increasingly becoming on demand and 2019 looks very promising for them. You will require a bachelor's degree in Economics or Marketing. Market research analysts get a median salary of $62,000.

4. Mobile App Developer

A huge number of businesses currently rely on mobile technology to reach their customers. This, therefore, means that the demand for mobile app developers in increasing by the day. Mobile app developers are software designers that specialize in building, coding and testing mobile applications. Since a great number of people spend a lot of their time on their smartphones, the best way to reach them is through mobile applications. People can make and pay for orders through their phones using apps. The median salary for a mobile applications developer is $ 143,000 and this is projected to increase as time goes by.

5. Compliance analyst

A compliance analyst is someone who assesses a particular organization to ensure that it is operating within the set guidelines, regulations and laws. A compliance analyst will analyze a company's workplace safety, advertising, and other business aspects and give recommendations on how to enhance regulatory compliance. They basically help come up with risk controls. Regulatory laws keep changing every now and then so to keep up with the changes, hiring a compliance analyst tends to be the best option. This has translated to an increase in demand for compliance analysts. These analysts have a median salary of $75,000 and are required to have at least 4 years experience.

Choosing a career path can be difficult since you want to choose one that pays bills, makes you happy and gives you the ultimate work-life balance. It is a great thing that 2019 has a lot of career choices to offer. Go through your skills, passions, and experience and decide what works for you.
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