7 Amazing Tips For Saving Money While Traveling In 2019

7 Amazing Tips For Saving Money While Traveling In 2019
We all love traveling and would love to travel round the world if given the opportunity. Many a times, the major factor that restricts us from traveling is the funds required.
For example, traveling to Paris for holiday involves many things like booking of hotels, paying of flight tickets and many more. Same also applies to other locations thereby making it to appear like holidaying is only for the very wealthy.
Well, it is worth knowing that you don't have to be as rich as Bill Gates or Aliko Dangote before you can comfortably embark on a holiday trip. 
Before you embark on your next trip, check out these tips that will help you minimize travel budgets:

- Travel during off-peak times

Before embarking on any journey, try researching on what the area's off-peak seasons will be since staying there will become extremely cheaper when compared to the other seasons. Although the weather might not be ideal, your trip won't cost you much either.
This is worth considering when you're trying to manage traveling funds. It'll aid you in saving for hotel bills, flight tickets and many more.

- Skip the hotels

Hotels are very comfortable and always the first thing that comes to every traveler's mind, but have you considered an alternative? Hotel bills are quite expensive and might take a good percentage of your travel budget.
If you're trying to manage money, it'll be good to consider alternatives like home swapping, hostels and Airbnb. By applying this method, you won't find it hard stretching your vacation funds even more.

- Cook Your Own Meals

This is also another amazing tip every traveler can adopt today. Imagine spending ₦1,000 per meal, three times a day for a week. That means an average of ₦21,000 for a week, if you're traveling with your family, multiply it yourself and see how much you'll be spending. In some areas, the cost per meal is even higher while in some areas you'll also get it cheaper.
As a family, deciding to cook your meals yourself might spice up the holiday experience. You can decide to gather or even play around the firewood or coal in the night.

- Get Rail Passes

Rail passes are undoubtedly great ways of saving money when it comes to traveling by trains. If you'll be traveling around a region for a while, using rail passes will definitely be cheaper than booking individual trips.
Also, if you'd be booking individual trips, booking ahead of time in most cases will help you in saving around 50% of the usual ticket cost.

- Use Student and Other Discount Cards

If you're a student or teacher, you can save by utilizing your ID cards. This will also apply to the teachers and people under 26 years of age. Before embarking on a journey, research on any available discounts or offers and you might be saving a lot of money off the regular travel costs.

- Choose a budget-friendly destination

Choosing a budget-friendly location will also help you save if you are on a tight budget. Some holiday locations are cheaper than others, so you should research well before embarking on a holiday trip. Some budget friendly locations in 2018 according to Forbes include Greece, Naples, Zanibar, Vancouver, Croatia and Saint Martin.

- Board cheap flights

Some travel agencies offer affordable or cheaper flights than others. For example, if you're looking for Flights to London, choosing from a reliable travel agency will help you save and also protect you from fraudsters.

Traveling is fun and should not be expensive. If you love traveling like me, I guess these tips will surely be of great help to you.
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