African Countries And Their Suicide Hotlines

African Countries And Their Suicide Hotlines
We have published a lot of African countries and their suicide hotlines in previous posts, and if you need help you can refer to them.
Some of them include:
- Nigeria emergency suicide hotlines
- Bulgaria emergency suicide hotlines
- Botswana emergency suicide hotlines
- Algeria emergency suicide hotlines
- South Africa emergency suicide hotlines
- Kenya emergency suicide hotlines
- Ghana emergency suicide hotlines
- Ethiopia emergency suicide hotlines

We want to drop the remaining countries so that anyone who is feeling low can always get help. No matter what you are passing through, someone else must have passed through that and yet they survived.
If you lost a close relative, or passing through a break-up or some losses in your business, job or career as a whole, please don't give up. If you find academic load too stressful, remember you aren't the youngest in the class and you can do whatever you think you can do.
Don't consider suicide yet, contact any of the following numbers for your country below:
- Gambia
117 / 116 (Emergency)
- Guinea
122 (Emergency)
- Guinea-Bissau
112 (Emergency)
- Liberia
Lifeline Liberia - 6534308
- Morocco
Centre d'Etude et de Prévention du Suicide - 022 382 42 42
Sourire de Reda (Befrienders Casablanca) - 212 (5) 22 87 47 40
212 (6) 62 58 95 70
- Zimbabwe
National Council of Samaritans - (9) 650 00
Harare Samaritans - (4) 726 468 - (4) 722 000
080 12 333 333 (Toll-free)
The Samaritans - (20) 635 59

Don't forget to share to your friends, they might need help too. We will be including other African countries soonest!
Don't take life too hard, things will always get better.
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