All You Need To Know About Dental Care During Pregnancy

All You Need To Know About Dental Care During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a sensitive phase in the life of women. It can be both exciting and challenging.
During this phase, it’s key to take good care of teeth and gums and keep risks at low levels. 
During pregnancy, hormonal changes are natural as they boost the chances of developing gum disease which can affect the health of the baby developing within. It’s therefore important to consult a dentist before getting pregnant. 
The dentist can help check your teeth, clean it, examine the gum tissues and treat any oral problem in advance to help make pregnancy safe and risk-free.

You can discuss with the dentist the changes during pregnancy and chalk out better plans to maintain oral health. Once that happens, you are always a step ahead in minimizing health issues to the baby that is developing within.  

Here are some of ways in which you can take dental care while pregnant -  

1. Tell your dentist you’re pregnant 

Ladies should never hide from their doctor or dentist about their pregnancy. The earlier it’s made known the better. Once the dentist knows your situation, he/she can advise proper dental and oral care to add value to life and minimize health issues. 
Even during pregnancy, routine dental care is fine, and you should continue with that.   
More so, pregnant ladies can also get done any urgent procedure without harm to the body. however, they must postpone all electric dental procedures until after the delivery. 
This will also help them avoid any needles health concerns in the process. It’s also important check with the obstetrician to see of any there is any instructions for you before going for a dental appointment.  

2. Be ready for changes in hormone levels

Hormone levels do change during pregnancy. This can make your oral cavity or mouth more susceptible to plaque and bacteria. For that reason, tender gums are among the most common dental problems when ladies are expecting. 
This is how the risk of decay and gum disease goes up always during pregnancy. The second trimester is the stage when gum inflammation is likely to occur.

Gums may be tender, swollen or bleed a little when you do brush or floss. This problem however is not serious in nature and does not warrant worry, it’s still better to consult the dentist and see how it can be minimized. 
In overall, hormone levels will alter no matter what you do and this there will be some dental risks. So, stay in touch with the dentist and maintain a better oral health.

3. Plaque build up during pregnancy is common 

Plaque is one of major causes of tooth decay and early stages of gum disease or gingivitis. Regular oral care can help prevent plaque formation and build up and let you enjoy a superior oral health. 
However, pregnancy is a period during which the body may not be able to fight off plaque as easily as it does in normal times. This is how dental health risks are higher when one is pregnant.

To prevent plaque formation, you can ask the dentist to recommend an antimicrobial mouthwash as it will help a lot. You may also get the plaque removed as early as possible during the pregnancy phase and avoid serious oral health issues in future. 
Similarly, pregnancy may not cause periodontal disease but can worsen the problem. That’s why getting treat gingivitis at the earliest is necessary.  

4. Beware of pregnancy tumours  

Not all tumours are harmful and those that go away frequently needn’t be worried about at all. The same holds true with pregnancy tumours which are not always dangerous. They are basically an overgrowth of tissue on the gums, mostly during the second trimester. 
They are non-cancerous in nature and generally caused by excess plaque. Even if they bleed easily, you can expect them to go away right after the delivery. And if they did not, it’s always better to consult the dentist and get them examined properly and avoid any risk to the health.  

5- Dental x-rays are fine during pregnancy 

Most women are concerned about whether x-rays are fine during pregnancy. Well, they should not worry much about that as x-rays are not harmful when done right. If the dentist does the procedure with care, all the risks linked with x-rays can be minimized to zero. 
Before procedure, the dentist must shield the abdomen and thyroid. This will not allow harmful rays to affect the body in a negative manner. Plus, women can count on the advancements in technology that has ensured more safety with x-ray procedures. 

6. Tell the dentist about all the medicines you’re taking 

A dentist can recommend treatment plan only after knowing the patient health well. The dentist will need the information on all the drugs, medications and vitamins one is taking during pregnancy. 
Pregnant ladies should also not hide any specific medical advice provided to them by the doctor as this will also help dentists chalk out a better treatment plan. The more you divulge to the dentist, the better. This may also help minimize any oral care side effects the medication may ensue. 

7. Take care of diet and oral hygiene 

Pregnancy comes with responsibility. Once you behave responsible, all the health concerns can be avoided for sure.

Make sure you follow these steps -   
- Don’t skip dental appointment due to pregnancy 
- Avoid sugary snacks to minimize chances of tooth decay 
- Always eat a healthy and balanced diet including dairy items, yoghurt, cheese etc. for better oral health
- Eat healthy as this will also be good for your baby’s teeth and gums  
- You can change toothpaste if morning sickness is keeping you away from brushing   
- Rinse the mouth with water or use a mouth rinse to get over morning sickness or vomiting  
- Always consult the dentist if you feel or experience any dental concern during pregnancy 

In overall, a little care can help face pregnancy as smoothly as it should be. This is how you can benefit from best of dental care and maintain the health of your baby. 

Plus, you can consult the dentist and know more about teeth braces price for any future need.
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