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Joomta Review
For the past few weeks now, my WhatsApp has never seized to be flooded with Joomta.com this, Joomta that, and related bla bla bla.
OMG...this group same thing, politics groups, same thing, academic groups and even the church WhatsApp groups I belong to. At a stage I became tired of telling my friends to stop spamming my DMs with those stuff, and I think snubbing them solved it better.

Well, let's talk about it on our site! Is Joomta.com scam? Does Joomta pay? Is Joomta legit? Which other question would you want me to answer? We will talk about them now.

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that Joomta.com is scam, neither am I saying that it is legit, this is a pure reviews made free from sentiments!

Ok guys, lemme not waste your time a little more. What exactly do you want to know...whether Joomta is paying right?
I'll be sharing my opinions in a few points:

- Have you seen anyone who got paid by Joomta.com?

Firstly, I haven't seen a single person who claimed that he got paid by the site, talk less of sharing the payment proof(s). All my friends are telling me of how they'd make an imaginary ₦40,000 (yep, it's imaginary until it gets into your bank account) and how I'd also not need any referrals to make my own money and so on.
If I don't need referrals, why would I be sharing my links? Maybe they actually pay, maybe they don't, we would only be able to make our judgments once someone cashes out.

- The site is run anonymously

I checked the site and there were no about us page, physical office and so on. 
Joomta Review
It is obvious that the owner probably is a Nigerian posing to be a foreigner, or something similar, because he had hidden his data on Whois [see it here] and all you can see are foreign phone numbers, fax and addresses.

- The owner is Nigerian

No matter the disguise, the owner is Nigerian and I think he should come out as one to build trust more. Why pose like you base in Panama...
Joomta Review
...and then use a Nigerian based payment gateway (PayStack.com)? The last time I tried purchasing an item with a foreign VISA card, it couldn't go through, so no one would actually use PayStack if he is expecting foreign customers.
Maybe he should introduce something else like PayPal, at least we can be able to get this feeling that we are actually dealing with a foreigner.

- The site isn't specific

You didn't tell me what I'd be doing to make the money, you only said that we should pay ₦450 and then make ₦400 per referral.
Expanding this more, it's obvious whoever created the site is more interested in the extra ₦50...Lol!

- You are giving away your data

Facebook and so many other top sites have suffered a lot in issues relating to data breach. Most internet users use a password for all their accounts, and then use it for Joomta. Don't you think that the owners would have access to your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, Netflix and everywhere else you use that password?
Ok, let's say they are trustworthy, what if they get hacked? Let's play safe. Use different passwords if you ever want to sign up and don't forget to give away only information you can actually afford to see elsewhere.

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