5 Reasons You Must Choose Calvinia As Your Next Holiday Destination

5 Reasons You Must Choose Calvinia As Your Next Holiday Destination
So, you have taken time off and are looking for the perfect place to go to relax and unwind?
Well, look no further than Calvinia, a small but stunning town in the Northern Cape. There are many interesting and exciting things to do in Calvinia, such as visiting the Calvinia Museum or the Akkerendam Nature Reserve. This small town in the heart of the Karoo has a lot to offer visitors, but it is most famous for the gorgeous scenery you will take in when visiting.

You will find several unique Calvinia accommodation options to choose from, all of which are comfortable and luxurious, such as the Calvinia Hotel. In terms of activities and things to do, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. If you would like to explore a part of our stunning country that you might not have thought of venturing to before, read on for the reasons why you should choose Calvinia as your next holiday destination.

- The explosion of flowers for all to see

When we think of the Northern Cape, we often think of a dry and arid province. But in July and August, this flat region explodes in a blanket of colourful wildflowers. And this makes it an ideal place for nature lovers looking to take some Instagram-worthy shots of their outdoor adventures.

You can see the flowers in the local national park or you could drive through the town and stop off to see the different patches of wildflowers bloom in all their glory. Some of the nature reserves offer picnic sites which are ideal for couples looking to set up a romantic date and take in the scenery. Be sure to take all litter with you when you leave, as these are protected nature reserves and littering is not tolerated.

- The rich and unique history

The town of Calvinia is one which is steeped in rich history, from the museum housed in an old synagogue to the historic houses you will find around the town. The town was officially named Calvinia in 1851 and was founded by livestock farmers, and even today there are lamb farmers who have honed their craft to perfection.

Visiting a town with a rich history means that you will have a plethora of unique activities to take part in. You can visit the museum which has displays of knick-knacks as well as historical items from the town. You can also go to some of the farms to see genuine wool and sheep farming techniques using antiquated tools. Be sure to pack your camera to capture the essence of this small but charming town to look back on.

- The Hantam Vleisfees

If you enjoy eating meat or braaivleis, then the Hantam Vleisfees is the perfect activity to take part in when visiting Calvinia. The Vleisfees is a celebration of the meat which is farmed in the area, which is mostly lamb and mutton. Here you will find delicious home-cooked foods to snack on while finding out more about the meat and farming methods of the area.

There is also live music from talented local musicians who will serenade you as you browse the various stalls. This is one of the major events of the year in Calvinia, so be sure to arrive early if you want to avoid the crowds. Always wear sunscreen, as the temperatures can soar in the warmer months. If you are passing through the town on a road trip, time this stop off with the Fees so you have plenty of road-snacks for the rest of your journey.

- Fresh olive oil for budding chefs

Now, you might not think that many plants will grow easily in the Northern Cape, but you would be wrong. There are olive farms, such as the one owned by Hugolese Müller, who also grows pecans and quince. While most of these wares are exported to Cape Town, you can purchase olive oil freshly made directly from Müller and other suppliers.

For budding foodies and chefs, having access to olive oil grown in such a unique region is sure to bring about excitement. You can pour this peppery oil over anything or use it to dip deliciously crusty ciabatta into for a sumptuous meal. Be sure to buy more than one bottle so you have enough in stock for any culinary creations you come up with.

- Creative, quirky Calvinia

Calvinia is a town full of character, charm and warmth. If you are planning on spending time away from home exploring South Africa, be sure to stop off in this stunning small town for a day or two. You will be able to see the breathtaking display of wildflowers if you time your trip right, and enjoy the festive Hantam Vleisfees too. There is a rich and interesting history to explore and diverse options for budding foodies to try out.
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