Major Places To Apply And Do Your Industrial Training In Nigeria

Major Places To Apply And Do Your Industrial Training In Nigeria
Where are the best places to easily apply & do industrial training in Nigeria?
Most Nigerian internship students usually ask this very important question and are seeking solutions in order to soon secure possible IT/SIWES Placement and commence their training immediately.

The Industrial Training is an educative programme that shouldn’t be missed by any Nigerian student because they’ll get to learn and implement all the courses theory that they’re being taught in school thereby enhancing efficiency and improving knowledge in their field or area of study.
Due to the high credit unit that is being allocated to this course/programme, most Nigerian internship students usually take it serious and try to put in their best performances in order to get good grades that will eventually boost their GP and CGPA.

As a student preparing to go for IT, if proper care isn’t taken you may end up making costly mistakes before, during and after your training which will likely affect your grade and performances.
Now that you’ve know the major reasons you should take your industrial training (IT) serious, the next step you’ll learn is how to apply for IT in Nigeria.

How To Apply For Industrial Training In Nigeria

• Writing, signing and stamping of your SIWES Application Letters
• Sending the letters to more than one course-related firms/companies
• Waiting for feedback or interview/test
• Commencement of your industrial training

Best Places To Apply And Do Your Industrial Training (IT) In Nigeria

There are so many places where you can do your IT in Nigeria. Some pay, some don't! Some of the places would give you the opportunity to learn some new stuff, the rest will only give you an office and pay you to write all your stay there.
Some of the best options include:

1. Hospitals/ Medical Laboratories

They are numerous private & public hospitals/laboratories in Nigeria that are well equipped and accept many Nigerian students for industrial training every year.

They usually accept only students of Medical Laboratory Science, Lab Science & Technology, Microbiology, Biochemistry etc for training.

The IT students will likely work in the laboratory section and also learn and conduct several medical tests such as: HIV, Malaria, Blood Grouping, PCV, HVS, and Culture etc. 

The students will also learn how to handle and maintain several laboratory equipment/apparatus.

2. Financial Institutions

This includes banks, insurance firms, loans & trade companies etc.

They usually accept students in the following departments/disciplines: Banking & Finance, Economics, Accounting/Accountancy, Insurance, Marketing, Computer Science, Business Administration, Statistics etc.

3. Breweries

This includes companies such as: Guinness, Hero, Legend, Coca-Cola, Malt, Pepsi etc

They usually accept students in the following departments/disciplines: Food Science & Technology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Microbiology /Industrial Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry, Plant Science & Biotechnology/Botany.

4. Pharmaceutical Companies

These are firms or industries that are involve in the production of various beneficial drugs and health related products e.g. Paracetamol (Emzor).

The usually accept students in Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Microbiology/Industrial Microbiology, Food Science & Technology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Plant Science & Biotechnology/Botany, Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering.

5. Farms/Agricultural Companies/Poultries/Fisheries

These places usually accept and work with students of Plant Science & Biotechnology, Fisheries, Animal Science, Nutrition & Dietetics, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension & Communication, Microbiology, Veterinary Medicine, and Chemistry.

6. Telecommunication Companies

This is a wonderful place you should consider going for industrial training if you’re a student of Computer Science/Information Technology, Marketing, Statistics, Mass Communication, Electrical Engineering.

Popular telecommunication companies in Nigeria includes: MTN, Globacom, Airtel Nigeria, 9mobile etc.

7. NTA

The Nigerian Television Authority is another great place to apply for industrial training in Nigeria as it has functional branches in almost all states in the country.

They usually accept students of Mass Communication, Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Information Technology, Statistics, and Electrical Engineering etc.

8. Foods And Cosmetics Production Companies

This includes companies that are involved in the production of commodities such as: Biscuits, Noodles, Creams, Soaps, Detergents, and Perfumes etc.

These places will be good for IT students of Chemistry/industrial Chemistry, Food Science & Technology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology/Industrial Microbiology, and Plant Science & Biotechnology/Botany.

9. Computer Training Centers

This is a very good place and I’ll always recommend it to mostly Computer Science students to apply and do their industrial training because they’ll get to practically learn various skills such as: Networking, Website & Software Development, Programming, Logo Design etc.

10. Workshops Or Construction Firms/Sites

They’re various mechanical workshops and companies in Nigeria that are willing to accept and work with Mechanical & Electrical Engineering IT students. They’re usually situated in big cities like Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Asaba etc.

Also, they’re equally various construction firms/sites that also accept and work with Architecture, Building Technology, Quantity Surveying, Geology, Geography, Civil Engineering IT students.

11. Oil Companies

Most Nigerian students & graduates want to work in oil companies even those that aren’t or didn’t study related courses all because they pay their workers well. Sometimes, they equally award scholarships/sponsorships to their dedicated, committed and intelligent IT students/workers.

They usually accept students of Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology/Industrial Microbiology, Petroleum Engineering, Biotechnology etc.

Popular oil companies in Nigeria includes: Shell, Chevron, NNPC, TOTAL, and Mobil.

All you’ve to do is to submit your application letters early with any recommended attachments and wait for reply.

SIWES Beginner is an educative blog created to guide and help Nigerian students to easily apply and secure early industrial training placement in Nigeria. They’ll also get to know the right steps to follow in the SIWES programme.
For foreigners, Aesperon construction is a BCA approved training and testing centre in Singapore.

So, as a student preparing to soon go for IT, if you’re really serious and interested in getting reputable IT/SIWES Placement this year or next in Nigeria, then quickly read more on the best places to apply & do industrial training in Nigeria.
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