5 Killer Tips That Will Aid You When Buying Your Next Car

5 Killer Tips That Will Aid You When Buying Your Next Car
It can be tricky to know where to start when searching for a new car. You can spend hours looking online at cars for sale in South Africa without ever finding one which suits your needs and your budget.
You could also fall into the trap of buying the first affordable car you find without looking at other possibilities.

When looking at the variety of pre-owned cars available, you might have difficulty choosing just one. That fancy soft-top convertible is probably catching your eye every time you visit the dealership, but your wallet might not be so happy at your preferences. Below are some essential tips that really work for buying a car.

- Build a budget first

The first step that anyone should take for a financial purchase as large as a car is to build a budget. This will give you a clear and realistic outline of your affordability per month and will help to make the purchasing process easier and more efficient.

Your budget should include the monthly insurance plan, the service costs of your annual service, the cost of changing the tyres if you need to and the cost of filling you tank on a regular basis. This way you will create an accurate number to use when applying for a car loan. There are many different types of electric cars for sale in san diego available for your budget. You can use a calculator for your affordability once you have these numbers in mind.

- Research is your new best friend

Once you have a budget in mind, you should move on to researching your options. This means that you will need to look online at the different brands, models and values of each car that you have in mind.

You will need to find the market value of the car rather than the sales value, as this will show you if you are getting the best price. Be sure to look at more than one website and dealership so that you are able to look at several quotes. You can look for the book value of the car online once you have the quotes in order to make the final decision on which car is best for your wallet.

- Payment options

So, now you have a budget in mind and a few cars that you like. The next step is to think about how you are going to pay for the vehicle. You can choose vehicle finance from a lender or bank, a lease that lasts for a set number of years, or you could choose to pay cash or use your own funds.

You must decide this before you go to the dealership, as you might feel pressured into making a decision while you are there. If you are going to be using finance from a bank or a lender, you should follow their guidelines in order to apply. This means checking your credit rating, sending in the right documentation and sticking to your budget. For those who will be leasing, you can opt to own the car after the lease period if you think it is a good investment.

- Think about the time of year (or month)

There are certain times of the year and of the month which might make for more affordable car purchases. For example, the end of the month is usually when salespeople are pushing to meet their quota so this could be the ideal time to go as some dealerships might lower the prices in order to sell the stock.

Year end is another time to consider, as this is when dealerships need to move old stock in order to make room for new stock. You might be able to ask for a lower price for the car during this time period, so remember to take along the research you did on the market value of the car. Look out for holiday specials and deals that might happen throughout the year too in case there is a special for the car of your dreams.

- New and used options

Now, you might prefer a new model over and older one, but there are pros and cons for both new and used that you should weigh up. A new car will depreciate at a quicker rate than an old car, while an old car might have more mechanical issues that need to be fixed.

You should consider all options in your search for the perfect vehicle, as if you only look at one or the other, you search will be very limited. A very good option is to look at pre-owned cars, which offer you the affordability of used cars but the high quality of a new car. Be sure to look at only cars that have been certified by the manufacturer and not the dealer, as the manufacturer has higher standards than the dealer might have.

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