How To Start Car Wash Business In Nigeria

In this article you'll see the step-by-step guide on how to start a functioning car wash business in Nigeria.
Nigeria is a country in the Western Africa region with a population of more than 190.9 million and according to survey, the country's current vehicle fleet ranges from 1.3 million to 10 million vehicles. All car owners at one point of the life or the other take their vehicles to the car wash for washing because they generally believe that car washes clean-up their cars better than themselves.

This is basically through, I get lazy while washing my car and might not end up cleaning up some essential parts but whenever I take them to the car wash, they do everything possible in bringing out the best in the car. If you have a car, you must have in one point of your life or the other taken your vehicle to the car wash.

How Profitable Is The Car Wash Business In Nigeria?

Car wash business is very lucrative and can even be earning you more than ₦500,000 monthly. Yes, you read that well, and I even said more than. In most cases, you don't even have to work as the owner, all you need to do is to employ some people and then pay them commissions based on number of cars they wash.
Some people prefer paying of salaries but the method of commission promotes competition and in turn increases your revenue. You can even put a little bar or restaurant in the car wash so your clients will be chilling while waiting for their cars, this also increases profit.

Steps On How To Start A Car Wash Business

As a business man or woman interested in venturing into car wash business, these are some things you need to know about or do.

- Finance

Just like other lucrative businesses, you should have some capital ready before launching the business. Minus the land, other things you'll be need are overhead tanks, hoses, buckets and a good power supply.
Aside from cars, you can also add tank washing to your services.

- Location

This is the most important part of the business and should be in a busy place. Lands are generally expensive in the developed parts of Nigeria and businesses run very well in these developed cities. Avoid acquiring a land out of sentiment but choose a good and busy location for your business.

- Approval

Before launching your business, try your best to get the approval of the assigned agencies or authorities in charge of the area. Registering your business is very necessary and would save you from a lot of stress that might arise later during the course of running your business.

- Hire employees

The more your business grows, the more helping hands you'll be needing. Hire experienced people or better still, hire and train interested people. You can choose to be paying them based on the number of cars they wash or monthly, it all depends on you.

Things Needed In A Car Wash

Some things you'll be needing include:
- Automated car wash machine: This will help you in washing your cars easily and fast too.
- Generator sets: Due the the nature of the Nigerian electricity system, you would be needing an alternative power supply for pumping water.
- Pressure washer: This is quite expensive but will help in making your work easier, faster and more professional.
- Borehole/well: Depending on your budget and area, you can go for either a borehole or well as your source of water. Some people also run their businesses in river banks like the Njaba River in Imo State.
- Buckets: You'll be needing some buckets for cleaning up the car parts. This is also very important if you'd b using a well or natural water body. Buckets are also used for mixing detergents.
- Detergent: You'll be needing detergents but be cautious of the brands you'd be using. Many car owners prefer liquid soaps because they believe that detergents have harsh effects on car paints. 
Other important things include brushes and towels. 

In running a car wash business in Nigeria, always carry in mind that customers are always right. Treat them in a way that thy would want to always come back to you.
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