Cooking | How To Prepare Banana Pancake And The Full Recipe

How To Prepare Banana Pancake And The Full Recipe
We all love good food, and some of us can pay even to our last to get it. How about you learn how to make some yourself?
The pancakes are some of the most adored dishes of all times, and in this article we'd be seeing how to a banana pancake with all the ingredients and needed equipment.
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How To Make Banana Pancake

The Banana Pancake is very easy to prepare, there are different steps and recipes, but we'd be seeing only one.
Before we begin, let's see the various equipment and utensils needed to prepare the perfect banana pancakes.

Equipment For Preparing Banana Pancakes

Some of the utensils you need to prepare the dish include:
• Oven
• Mixing bowl
• Frying pan (non-stick pan)
• Spoon
• Blender (if available)

Ingredients Needed For The Preparation Of The Banana Pancake

To prepare a sizable banana pancake, you'd need the following ingredients:
• 151g of all purpose flour
• 2 whole bananas
• 202 ml liquid milk
• 2 tbsp of sugar
• 1 tbsp of preservative
• A tbsp of liquid vanilla flavor
• A pinch of salt
• 1 medium size egg

How To Prepare The Banana Pancake

After getting all the utensils and ingredients, you will begin to work on your pancake.
You have to:
• First of all add all the dry ingredients (flour, preservative, sugar, salt) together and then you mix them up.
• After doing that, add the liquid ingredients (milk, egg, liquid vanilla) together and also mix. If the texture is thick, you can add a little water to loosen up, but do not make it too watery.
• Put one of the bananas into a small bowl and crush very well with a spoon or blender. You can also blend the whole ingredients so they form a very smooth paste.
• Set the three mixtures aside, then grease your frying pan with grease or very little oil and place on a medium heat.
• Pour some batter into the pan and leave for about a minute, the top should be bubbling and the under turned brown. Flip it over to the other side and also fry.
Keep repeating the processes until you're done frying the whole pancake.

When you're done, chop the second banana on top of the pancake. Drizzle syrup or jam on the pancake if available and you're good to go!
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