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How To Get Any Music Free As A DJ
Where do disc jockey's get their music free? One of the challenges DJs all over the world face is getting free music for their works.
You can's imagine having a line in your mix say, '...more music at 9jaFlaver.com...'
Lol... like seriously, that is really a big challenge!
Well, I'd have recommended some websites where you can get yourself yourself free musics now, but they could also start adding the voice soon.
Who doesn't like the free ad? Imagine hitting Google's first page for a Wizkid's new song which you edited to include your website, and then you get 100,000 downloads, those 100,000 downloaders would also Xender it to other thousands of people and that is how you remain popular.

First, how do these websites get their own music? It may sound surprising to you, but majority of them purchase their own songs.
Yes, they purchase them from SoundCloud, add the mp3 tag and upload to their sites, so no one else can use them. It's a part of the blogging business.
However, not all do that, there's another way and I'd keep it as brief as possible.

Let's go...
• Go to YouTube.com and search for the song. It might not have an official video, click the audio you see there or even lyrics video, as far as it has the song.
• Now copy the video's url, for instance I want to extract the audio from this video, I'll copy this url >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9ndB7Rnzig.
• Now, add ss directly before the youtube in the link, you will have something like this >> https://sswww.youtube.com/watch?v=x9ndB7Rnzig.
• Paste the new link into your browser and download the video.

You are done with stage one, let's go over to the second.
• Go to the Google PlayStore and download the app, VideoToMp3 Converter. If you can get this, just download any video to mp3 converter you see there.
• Now convert the video you earlier downloaded to an mp3, and it's all done!

Make your mix, turn on the club and let everyone dance! It's a free world. If you will not be using this now, just bookmark the page because you'd still need it!
What do you think? Did you experience any difficulties? Kindly drop us a comment and share to your friends!
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