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How To Chat On Your Phone Without An Internet Connection
Have you ever imagined that you could be chatting with a friend, family or even colleague without having an active internet connection?
Well, this is the jet age and everything is possible! Thanks to BlueTooth Chat!
Though not a new app, the BlueTooth chat is like a dream come true. It was developed by Glodanif and has already gotten over 100,000 downloads on PlayStore.

The application will help you to send short messages and images using BlueTooth technology, and you can chat with people who are in your BlueTooth range without needing to have an active internet connection.
Your friends who do not have the app can also collect it easily via BlueTooth, and it is very relevant for travelers to chat in tents, students who do not have Wi-Fi and so on.

How To Use The BlueTooth Chat

The app is just 2.4MB in size and available on PlayStore.
To use it, you have to:
• Visit the Google PlayStore to download it or click HERE to download it.
• After downloading and installing it, launch the app then fill in the required questions and click save.
• Make sure that the other phone's BlueTooth is turned on and click SCAN.
• After successful confirmation from the second phone, a BlueTooth pairing request will display on your phone's screen. Tap on 'Pair' and the two phones will connect.

You can now start chatting and sharing photos and other files.
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