USA/China Faceoff | Facebook Cuts Off Huawei

Facebook Cuts Off Huawei
The trade was between China and the United State toughens as Facebook cuts off Huawei.
Just when we thought things were getting easier for the Chinese based top tech company, America's Facebook is now not allowing any of its apps to be pre-installed on Huawei devices.
According to Facebook, current users of their app on the devices will keep on using them and receiving updates, however the new phones won't have Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp pre-installed.

This is coming just after Google announced cutting ties with Huawei and pulling its license from the mobile phone manufacturer.
According to a Facebook spokesman who spoke with Reuters, the ban will affect any new Huawei mobile phone that hasn't left the factory and not necessarily the future ones.
To complicate the whole issue, you cannot access the Google Play Store with the devices which also means that the users might not find it very easy assessing those apps.

Huawei blacklisted

Facebook has joined the growing list of the United States companies who have decided to honor President Trump's executive order, May 2019 blacklisting Huawei.
Already several other companies like Microsoft and even UK based Vodafone have cut ties with them or temporarily suspended doing business.

What we do not know about is the change of mind, or kind of that both SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance have initially removed Huawei from their list of members, and within a week they reappeared.
Both bodies have however since said that the membership of the phone manufacture has only been amended to reflect that they are honoring the president's executive order.
The decision that was made by both the Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association makes sense looking at Huawei’s contributions to both bodies and the patents it holds. Completely banning the phone manufacturer would likely hamper both organizations more than it would Huawei.

Something needs to be done or else the situation would severely negatively affect a company. What do you think? Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends!
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