How To Make A Living From Freelance Writing In Nigeria

How To Make A Living From Freelance Writing In Nigeria
Freelance writing is a very lucrative way of making money online, but it seems many people do not know about in in this part of the world yet.
I remember starting my internet career in 2016, and I didn't have money to subscribe my modem, neither did I have enough money to run paid adverts and campaigns, but all these were necessary to survive as a blogger.

Well, where there's a will they say, there's a way and somehow I go to hear about freelancing, and the rest is history!

What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelancing is a kind of internet business whereby you get paid to write or do any other things online. You could do things ranging from writing, graphics design and even up to creating videos and podcasts.
If you have a very nice voice, you could even get paid to do voice overs, ie record something with your voices and send in.
The pays vary, and would be determined by so many things ranging from the job done, to the client and other things.
American, Canadian and Nigerian clients pay more than Indians, but Americans and Canadians pay best of all. I have worked with clients from the four countries and can attest to that.

I remember once getting a contract from an American client, and it was about writing and submitting guest posts to 100 blogs. The pay was $40 per accepted guest post, and I was to make at least $4,000. If the contact was given to me by an Indian, I would have been paid around $5 per guest post.
It isn't really their fault, maybe their currency is low and even the $5 would be looking so big...Lol.

For instance, Nigerians would pay writers around ₦500 for a 600-words article. What's that for? Peanuts? It wouldn't even subscribe my modem to be frank.
You would just be collecting $1 for an article. At that rate do you think you can feed yourself with freelance writing?
I think it is wisest for you to work with American clients, owing to the fact that they value human labor more than their Nigerian and Indian counterparts.

How Can You Get Writing Jobs Clients For Yourself?

This is one of the questions most people ask me. Writing is sweet, but what's the essence if you aren't making money from it?
Well, if the jokes and inspirational posts you make on Facebook and Instagram aren't paying your bills, it's time to re-route your airlines.
There are more than 20 Facebook groups that I belong to from where I get writing contracts (the $4,000 contract I talked about earlier was actually from Facebook). If you are interested in these and more, please visit this PAGE.

There are other sites that pay writers, such as Fiverr.com. Fiverr is a top job site, where you can offer your services and also purchases others' services.
However, it has become very competitive for workers of recent, and even much tougher for Nigerians.
I decided to publish over 100 other websites that you can get writers for yourself, and even one that pays $100 (₦36,000) straight for any articles you write. You can find out more HERE.

Tips For Being A Successful Freelancer In Nigeria

I didn't intend making this article a very long one, so I have to keep this as detailed as possible.
If you want to be a success freelance writer in Nigeria, you have to:
Avoid copying other people's works, the clients would surely find out and you loose any future jobs and even this, if you haven't been paid already.
There are tools for checking it such as copyscape.com. After writing, you can decide to test it yourself to avoid any complications.
Always deliver your works on time. Flimsy excuses like electricity issues and poor network piss American clients off and they'd never patronize you again.
You must write very well, avoid grammatical mistakes because there are online tools that are used for detecting them.
If you want to make it very well, and you do not want to loose a job without first getting tried, go with a foreign profile.
You can go as a Canadian or as an American, but if you go as an African, they most times believe that we do not know how to speak very well and so deny us of the jobs in the abundance of alternatives.

Sad isn't it? I'm a Nigerian, and I have written for over 70 blogs. I had all my education in my country and didn't even study English Language...Lol!
Have a PayPal account. Most clients do not pay you into your Nigerian bank account, via Payoneer or even Western Union. 
However, Nigerians aren't currently allowed to use receive money via PayPal. If you want to create a PayPal account that will be working very fine in Nigeria, you can contact us today!

That's all for now. Has freelancing ever paid you? Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends.
Do you want to start freelance writing in Nigeria, you can visit this article now!
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