History | Who Is The Greatest Philosopher Of All Times?

Who Is The Greatest Philosopher Of All Times?
The world has been existing for so long that we lost counts, and so many philosophers have been in existence too.
Truly philosophy changed the world, and everything from science to politics, and even religion were affected by it.
The list of philosophers is so much long, so we will just take a few and yeah, the all is in your court.
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Who Is The Greatest Philosopher That Ever Lived?

This has been a question for ages, and will still be for ages to come. Most people say their religious leaders, others mention their rulers and much more say there's no one.
Who's the greatest in your opinions? This is just mine...Lol!

• Immanuel Kant

Kant was born in Germany and is well known for his ideas about perception. He is the brain behind the arguments that we cannot know what the world is really like (noumenal world) and can only perceive what it is like (phenomenal world)
Basically, we can’t know whether or not everything it is just one big Matrix.

• Plato

Plato was a great philosopher and is famous for starting the Academy in Athens. The institution eventually became the first for higher learning in the Western world.
Plato also taught so many other philosophers such as Aristotle.

• Aristotle

Aristotle was a student of Plato in Ancient Greece, and he contributed a lot to so many areas ranging from metaphysics, poetry, linguistics, logics and even up to government.
He is one of the most popular philosophers of all times.

• David Hume

David Hume is a Scottish philosopher and a very strong skeptic and empiricist. According to his claims, our beliefs do not come from our reasons rather from our feelings and ideas of hos the world should be.
In fact, there are so many suspicions Immanuel Kant got his ideas from Hume.

• Confucius

Confucius is a Chinese philosopher and he lived about 500 BC. He focused mainly on relationships and how the family was important and necessary to the society. 
His views were later to shape the Chinese' thoughts and then led to what what we call Confucianism

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