Tech News | iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Specs And Leaked Photos [MUST SEE]

iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Specs And Leaked Photos
We're still waiting in anticipation for the announced  September launch of the iPhone 11, however rumors have it that there'd be a 'dramatic' change to the Apple's camera design.
While we aren't expecting a massive upgrade to its overall look, this iOS 13 smartphone is shaping up to be another incremental update, just like 2018 iPhone XS was over the iPhone X.

Which changes are we expecting? Well, according to TechRadar, the most credible changes will probably be pointing to a three-camera array on the back of the phone, which also hints of a better photo and video quality!
The third rear camera would boost the Apple's augmented reality vision, the the CEO Tim Cook has always been talking about the power of AR on both the iPad and iPhone. A depth sensing time-of-flight camera could do just the magic.

The iPhone 11 might also come with an important increase in its battery life, and probably the reverse wireless charging touted by Huawei and Samsung.
However, only Apple's version could possible be able to wirelessly charge another iPhone or even your Apple Watch
Also, it will be 'landing' with amazing colors to catch the eyes of the consumers and make you stand out.

We can probably tag this a good news because Apple isn't selling as many iPhones as they used to, and they have to wow everyone, come down in price or stand a chance of low sales.
Well, now what about the release date? The iPhone 11 launch date would be on the 10th of September, 2019.
With three iPhones launched in the year 2018 – the standard iPhone XS, the larger iPhone XS Max and the budget iPhone XR – we are expecting Apple to repeat the trifecta this year with the iPhone 11 possibly launching alongside the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R.

More on the specifications, there are suggestions that the new device would be able to tell when you are underwater, then it would alter its settings especially the camera to take better photos.
It would also possibly be coming with sub-epidermal scanning features to unlock, in which the front camera would scan the veins and blood vessels in your face using IR to make sure you're actually the one unlocking the phone.
Yet another security rumor says that it would be able to recognize your fingerprint when you place it anywhere on the phone's screen.

New iPhone 11 Price

The iPhone 11 would be sold for anything around $999, that's ₦350,000. However, the company is yet to release an official note as regards to the price.
If you want to know the current price, please visit HERE.

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Image Credit: TechRadar.com
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