The Causes And Effects Of Rocket And Mortar Shelling Of Israel

The Causes And Effects Of Rocket And Mortar Shelling Of Israel
A terrible event occurred on the weekend of July 2018. The Israelis had to spend the whole day in bomb shelters instead of having rest with their friends and families.
The southern part of Israel was fired with rockets, and the attack continued with mortar shelling for the whole day. It was carried out by Hamas terrorists. A total of about 200 missiles were fired, as well as mortars. The worst thing is that one of the rockets landed right on the kid's playground. The second rocket hit the synagogue. 
The rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, according to official data.
As a result of the shooting, a large number of Israelis were injured. But fortunately, there were no casualties. The main reason is an effective and quickly triggered warning system, which is called “Red Alarm”. Thanks to this system, in addition to the well-built bomb shelters, the Israelis were able to save their lives from terrorist attack. 

The media have repeatedly featured the information that Hamas openly uses foreign aid for purchasing weapons, as well as for digging tunnels. In fact, other countries contribute to such terrible attacks on the Jewish population by investing in Palestine. And unfortunately, this is not the first time that the inhabitants of this country have suffered.
Nevertheless, it is surely difficult to even imagine that such a mortar bombardment of any of the European capitals - for example, Brussels, Berlin or London - was carried out. It would not even have been possible to imagine that one of the rockets hit the playground or church. Such terrorist actions would immediately be condemned by the entire international community, and a reaction would immediately appear to such horrific actions of terrorists.

Despite the horrific situation in which the people of Israel were, there was no reaction from the international community within a day. But there also was no further reaction! And this terrible incident is not the first one that the people of Israel were dealing with. Just a month before the shelling, Israel suffered, and again from Hamas. What happened? 
The terrorist organization burned more than 3 thousand hectares of Israeli land! Flying kites with fixed flammable substances hit it. Then there were unsuccessful attempts to penetrate the territory of the country. And again, the world community almost did not express any reaction to this terrible event.
There was no proper response even from the UN, from the EU. Moreover, Israel’s condemnation of self-defense after the event followed. According to Vladimir Sloutsker, a well-known public figure and head of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, it is necessary to stop investing Palestinian terrorists as soon as possible. So that no such blatant attacks on civilians ever follow. The international community must understand that if they do not bring such organizations as Hamasto justice, they thereby support terrorism.
Even those organizations whose goal is the protection of human rights have not expressed support for Israel. There was no proper disclose in the leading media. Much more attention was paid to the response of Israel, which was completely natural, after a series of such brutal attacks.
Those events that occurred in the Gaza Strip are absolutely impossible to call peaceful protests. 
These are targeted attacks on the Jewish civilians, during which rockets hit the playground and landed in the church. Therefore, the protection of civilians is the right of any country, and terrorist organizations should be brought to justice.

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